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Negotiating survival
by Thanos Kalamidas
2007-06-09 10:32:58
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It is a strange feeling leaving the solution of a major problem to the ones who are mainly responsible for the problem and, furthermore, who stubbornly refuse to recognize it. Angela Merkel is seeking for the improvement of the Kyoto Protocol in cooperation with the one who …refuse to sign it!

Mrs. Merkel asked the G8 or better tried to negotiate in the G8 meeting for a 50% emissions cut by the year 2050. I don’t know why it all sounds like a joke and I don’t know whether to start with the 50% cuts or the fact it begins in 2050! For the last five years earth has shown us on many levels that enough is enough.

The Indian Ocean Earthquake and following tsunami in South Asia was the first shock, followed with a shock in the heart of the western world: Hurricane Katrina; despite the feminine name the hurricane was anything than sensitive to New Orleans. A Christmas without snow made Scandinavians worry and when everybody went to Lapland to see Santa Claus they had to deal with sand and dry bushes.

Was that it or was it just a warning to what lays ahead if we fail to act? Most likely it was just a warning, although events have been escalating over the last five decades and the governments keep ignoring them in the name of contemporary profit. Contemporary profit is the only god the G8 trust, since it doesn’t matter about the color, while in the name of the profit partners are ready to destroy even their own country. George W. Bush is ready to sacrifice one of the most crucial areas of the world’s environmental balance, Alaska; for some thousands of barrels of oil. It doesn’t matter about the cost for the next few decades or years.

This is year 2007 and we have 43 years until 2050. If the earth continues in the same way and if the G8 continue ‘negotiating’ with the rhythm, anybody born today will probably be dead by the year 2050 from cancer or drowned by the melting icecaps or killed by any number of Mother Nature's outbursts.

But as I said, we trust in those responsible for the problem to find a solution. The bitter truth is that the Kyoto Protocol is already dead and there is a definite need for a new proposal where the environmental experts and groups will play a crucial role since they are the only ones who have documented the reality of what’s going on here on this planet. But again that’s another sensitive issue: What environmental movements?

A few weeks ago environmentalists from Finland and mainly members of Greenpeace marched to the Finnish Parliament and staged a demonstration against the creation of another nuclear plant. The only absentee was …the Green Party! Why? Because the Finnish Green Party followed the same route as most of the green parties in Europe; they took a ministerial seat and shut its mouth for good.

Are their voters aware that the Finnish Green Party, as part of its articles of association, stated that they will never - please emphasize the word 'NEVER' - accept or agree with the existence of nuclear plants in Finland! Nowadays they are partners with the people who actually build that nuclear plant. Scary, huh!

Once more the worst enemy of the environment are its protectors, like the G8 who freak me out with the idea that they are negotiating for the future of the planet and, furthermore, that they have the power to do something about it if they want. Coming to the Finnish Green Party, I hope it will drown in the misery of the non-existence!

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Paparella2007-06-09 16:31:26
The silver lining in all of this is that we can be thankful we are not getting all the government we are paying for.

Sand2007-06-09 17:49:21
That is, all the good government we are paying for. That dovetails neatly with your delight in the irrational.

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