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At the Graveyard At the Graveyard
by Shola Balogun
2019-11-07 10:28:46
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After you might have killed me too
Then your child would ask this of you,
How is it that he knew not his sin,
What he did and that which you have seen?
Why is it that you still ponder
On his age as if it be a timeless number?
In all,when you have been asked, learn to think not
On how greatly I loved you but dwell you on my fault
And share no secret of my death,
Nor tell your child the joy I had in his birth
For he may think it best to come to my grave every night
To learn all that is written on my tombstone by heart.

You do me honour if you tell your child this word:
"He is not dead, but gone the way of the world".



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