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My World's Scale My World's Scale
by Saloni Kaul
2019-11-05 09:47:40
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There comes a time when I see these world quarters
All through the filtered haze of my own writing screen,
A scrawl of words that write themselves on scene--
Magnifically telling talking of the waters--

And in the depths of crowds and on the faces of strangers,
That are soon sucked into the vortex of my words
Shut like Rapunzel in my word tower, undeterred,
As I immeasurable roam freely like a ranger.

They let their hair down most enticed to browse
Through stress unstress quite uncommanded in silence,
Imbibe the music of the consonants and sibilants
And air the vowels in assonance declaimed like vows.

And like exiguous starved for fame parasites
On gradually exuded fame and fortune fed,
By slow degrees they revel in a town infinite painted red
And clear express all their opinions as in large plebiscites.



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AC2019-11-20 19:30:43
Proper presidential poem, I like opinions expressed in republican terms.

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