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The Smear King The Smear King
by Leah Sellers
2019-11-01 11:53:15
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In an UnReality-Reality Show in which America is Spinning within Space
and all too long a Time………..

“But, Sir, aren’t you at all worried about this American, Purple Heart awarded, Lt. Colonel who was charged with listening to your call to Ukraine regarding the Biden Smut Campaign, and your holding back the monies Congress had promised them to protect themselves from Putin’s persistent encroachment of Ukraine ?” President Trumpty’s aide asked incredulously.

“Naw, I’m great at Smear Campaigns. Just look at what I did to Hillary. And then, just because Putin hated her and Democracy so much - because both challenged his malignant, Self-Serving, Oligarchic, Autocratic, Twisted Rule, that I admire so much, and wish that I could get away with here in America, Russia’s cyber and advisory meddling helped me Win the American Electoral College’s Number Game in the hurting, grumbling and mumbling States. My MAGA Fan States.”

“What all of those Working Stiffs don’t realize is that Rich Corporations and Investors like Me decided to make America a Service Nation long ago so that we could move our Businesses out of America, and Prosper off of the UnderPaid Sweat, Labor and Dreams of Others less Lucky - less Predatory than we are.”

“I give my sugar-coated Sales Pitch to the Poor and Needy, and the dwindling Middle Class while making Me and the Other Richy-Rich-Rich even Richer ! I’m a Liar ! A Maker of Chumps and Fool Tools ! That’s how I Rule !”

“I am the Smear King ! Lies, Smoke-and-Mirrors, and the slippery, slimy Smears that I Spin make Me a Winner - and I say - let them Ring-a-ling-a-ling !”

impeach01_400“Anyways, my Opposition can’t Smear me, because I am Smear ! I am the Smear King-a-ling-a-ling !”

“I Smeared Jeff Sessions for not being my Total Yes Man Lackey - ha !”

“I Smeared John Kelly and Rex Tillerson for the same !”

"I Smeared, and continue to Smear, the FBI and the CIA, because they were digging up my very own self-created Swampy Dirt and Mud on me. I have made them Suspect and Questionable in the eyes and ears of my MAGA Supporters, and some other American schmucks as well.”

“I’m good at Smear. I have spent my Life Spinning Smear and Smearing Smear !”

“I’m Smearing American Allies, because they don’t show me Proper Respect, and because I’m Greedy and Needy ! I prefer the Company of Predatory and Dictatorial Autocrats ! Just you wait, I’ll show EveryOne just Who the Boss Is !”

“It’s only natural for me to Betray EveryOne around me. No one is as important as or as Great as Me-Me-Me !”

“And this Deal over all of Me and my Minions Self-Serving Muckraking Machinations in Ukraine - what a Pain Drain on my 2020 Campaign ! And what a Reach into the Democrats efforts to Impeach your MAGA Great and Almighty Smear King ! Oh, what a National and Global scene !”

“I’ll smear every Impeachment Witness that dares to break my Swampy Creatures Ranks to rat-out on Me ! When I’m done Smearing them with my Smear no one will believe them ! No one will hire them to be anything but janitors and chamber maids !”

“I’ll gently Smear the Kurds, and Betray them while I leave them behind and rush for the Syrian Oil that I so covet and feel I deserve !”

“I’ll UnSacramentally and Obscenely jump up and down with my cowardly bone spurred feet and paws, and Chest Thump all over the absent of all former Brutality and Evil Body Parts of Al-Bag-Daddi, and his three no longer terrified and wailing Children that he also divested the Earth of with his Suicide Vest, to my shriveled Heart’s Content !”

“Only problem is, some of my aides tell me that his Evil and Brutal Ideology will live on in the Evilly Dark Hearts and Minds of his Fans, and Others drawn into such Wicked Things and Deeds. Oh well, my raid on his Hiding Place in Northern Syria, oddly enough, right on my other Dictatorial Buddy, Erdowan’s, Turkish Border, made for good T.V. and FOX News propaganda for a diversionary and distractible day or two.”

“Who cares if the defeat of ISIS and the Intel on Al-Bag-Daddi was actually almost 90% a result of the Kurds Courageous and Faithful Ally efforts ?! Pa-tooey ! Fooey ! I’m taking credit for it all !”

“I am the Smear King ! And I will Smear and Betray them and EveryOne else Kingly and Greatly ! Because that is my Smear King Way !”

“Go ahead Congress ! Try to Impeach me for all of my WrongDoings ! Go ahead ! I will take you down with me, and grab all of the Pussy-Cats I can with my SmearKing - Chest Thumping Might - along the way !”

“I’ll trounce your reputation and future prospects ! I’ll rip apart your Family and Friends ! There’s nothing this Smear King won’t tear up and rend ! Do you Comprehend ?!”

“I don’t care Who or What I Insult, Betray or Ruin ! I’ll send out my Drones, my Nukes, and my Military Pawns and Canines for my bloody Money Making for Me-Me-Me Win-Win-Wins !”

“Witnesses standing up for their Oaths to the Constitution and All of the American People as a Whole - Pa-tooey ! Fooey ! I’m the Smear King-a-ling ! The Oath Breaker King of All time !”

“There’s not a Deal made that I won’t Break and Betray if I Feel like it ! I’m all about Being a Winner, and if my being a Winner means America and the rest of the World are Losers, then So Be It !”

“This Smear King Trumpty will Humpty you and then Dumpty you on a
whim ! That’s how this Team One Shark swims !”

“So, go ahead - Impeach me, you Fools Show America and the World all of your Proof ! Because I am the Smear King, and I’m good at Obscuring and Smearing the Truth !”


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