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Physicians Demand Accelerated Action on Climate Change Physicians Demand Accelerated Action on Climate Change
by Ovi Magazine Guest
2019-10-30 10:16:38
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Physicians Demand Accelerated Action on Climate Change
By World Medical Association

Physicians across the world are being urged to raise their voices to support accelerated action on climate change.

docs001_400At their annual Assembly in Tbilisi, Georgia, World Medical Association delegates supported a climate emergency resolution, calling on physicians to press their governments to deliver carbon neutrality by 2030 to limit the life-threatening impacts on health.

The resolution declared ‘The WMA and its constituent members and the international health community must acknowledge the environmental footprint of the global healthcare sector, and act to reduce waste and prevent pollution to ensure healthcare sustainability.’

WMA President Dr. Miguel Jorge said: ‘Physicians have an important role in advocating for the health of citizens around the world, and we have a responsibility to demand greater action on climate change.

‘Last month’s United Nations summit on climate action demonstrated the growing recognition that climate change action must be accelerated.

‘We are now calling on physicians around the world to mobilise for accelerated action. We, the WMA, are in a unique position as the voice of doctors to ensure that the health effects from climate change are not neglected.

‘We have a duty as physicians to warn the world that climate change will lead to thousands of extra deaths from malnutrition, malaria, diarrhoea and heat stress.


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