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The Dangerous Policy of Waiting The Dangerous Policy of Waiting
by Bohdan Yuri
2019-10-26 06:37:28
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When is the Right Time?

In all honesty we all knew it was inevitable, we just didn’t know when. The when (it should have happened) was the first impeachable offense, campaign irregularities; records still shrouded in mysteries as is all else with Trump Enterprises, thanks to all the Republican sycophants.

trufear01_400Truth be told, Donald Trump should have been impeached after the Muller report which had uncovered enough impeachable acts if only the Republicans had had the Courage to admit them. Instead they shrouded the Truth with lies and bullying tactics and it worked.

However, in 2018 there was at least a ray of hope when the House Democrats were in power. The wheels of Democracy might finally move a mountain of sludge. Wrong.

Unfortunately, the Democratic leadership had decided to move the sludge by hand, one cupful at a time. So while the Republicans continued to play the bully on the block the Democrats were convinced by the Republicans of their own vulnerability so they waited, and waited, and waited.

Yes, the Democrat leadership chose to wait again, they just waited…

… Until the Phone Call of Fate handed them the key to open the door of Impeachment.

So what are the Democrats doing now --- They continue to wait.

Regrettably, they never anticipated the serious consequences of waiting. No not the Democrat’s dilemma of producing a side by side sideshow with the coming election, something more serious instead.
Herein lies the danger of giving Trump the Betrayer an extra year as President:  he will cause the deaths of thousands of Kurds through his, and now this country’s, Betrayal to our Allies.

Whether it’s Trump exercising his dictatorial arms or his need to favor Putin’s wishes via Erdoğan, only the phone recordings know the Truth. But by giving the delusional Trump that extra year to play his Monopoly game we will only increase his ability to destroy not only our Democracy but to create worldwide catastrophes. He’s not a very good game player, more like a game piece.

But what will be next --- I believe that in 2020, late spring to fall, "sparks will fly...." along the Black Sea and Middle East, will it be the start of World War 3 …?

It will also be quite chaotic in our political sphere....a perfect time for movement anywhere and everywhere Putin wants to push it. After that…?

So while, Trump continues to play out each weekly TV Reality episode the feckless Politicians will inevitably succumb to their own hypocrisies when seeking veniality for their sins. All the time, this country looses the meaning of what this flag stands for:

Not just for US but for what it brings to the World --- Truth, Justice and Freedom!

We can’t export it if We don’t have It….and Waiting means we don’t have it.

Truth vs. Fear which is in the lead, still?

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