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Law of the stag
by Asa Butcher
2007-06-09 10:36:32
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Whether you call it a bachelor party, a stag night, a bulls party, a bucks party or even polttarit, it is commonly known as the groom's last glimpse of freedom and an excuse to party one final time with his friends, although the extent to which the party goes depends upon the individuals involved. Today I am in charge of hosting my little brother's stag with a group of his friends in tow… wish me luck!

One of the first responses you get when you tell people that you are organising a stag night is, "Will there be a stripper?" Okay, there are other questions too, such as, "Will you be stripping and dumping him in the middle of nowhere?", "Will we be shaving his pubic hair?" and "Will there be a stripper?" You may have noticed that the stripper request is particularly common, yet I cannot understand the fascination.

Personally, I believe a stripper is not only cliché, but also hypocritical and just plain embarrassing to everybody involved. How would some grooms react if they discovered that their fiancée had enjoyed a male stripper on the hen night? I bet they wouldn't laugh it off as a final farewell to spinsterhood and chuckle over the photos. I guess the problem with general statements, such as the one I just made, is that there are so many different types of people and each has a different opinion of what is acceptable.

I never considered a stripper for my brother because it is so out of character for us both and I also don't know how his group of friends would react to the situation, especially with a large dose of alcohol poured on top. On my own stag night, which was organised by my brother, there was no ladies revealing their lingerie, at least that is what my hazy recollection tells me, and my friends were very well behaved… sort of, so we are all still welcome on the Isle of Wight.

Stag nights gather together friends of the groom from different walks of life, ranging from neighbours, university friends, family, work colleagues and childhood pals. This creates the unusual position of thinking of activities for complete strangers and wondering if they have any phobias that will surface once the day begins. The stag today will begin with a saunter down the River Thames on a 12-man boat, stocked with lager, snacks, a radio and a few lifejackets, so I am praying that we don't have anybody prone to seasickness.

According to history, the stag night originated in ancient Sparta (5th century) where soldiers would toast one another at a traditional bachelor dinner on the eve of a friend’s wedding. 16 centuries later some traditions may have changed slightly but I can promise you that during our bachelor curry tonight we shall toast the young boy until we all believe we have the looks and strength of those same Spartan warriors.

Don't wait up, darling!

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