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Informing Pattern Informing Pattern
by Jan Sand
2019-10-20 09:13:15
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Words first arrived on cave walls in France and Spain,
Shaped as animals, aurochs and deer.
Symbolic prey, sorceries of hunt. It is presumed
Those dark halls echoed speech to resound, invoke
That magic imagery to permit it to be spoken.
The skills to inscribe a graceful line can be rare.
But a tone pronounced, a whistle or a hiss, a soft scream
To modulate into a pictured dream
Is easier to represent with a scribbled line or two.
Thus, alphabets appeared, or so it seems.
The mind cannot gobble entirety in full play.
It must find a way to grasp fragments to hook the whole.
A patch of blue can be an entire sky or the sea.
We think in particles to create a lion from a growl
A pack of hungry wolves transform from a howl.
An ancient dynasty can materialize out of a fragment
Of a fragment of incised stone, a dinosaur from a bone.
Mathematics masters entire universes into constants and unknowns.
Linguistic abstracts speak to configure the what of which and how
Can utter a then or when or, most surprisingly, a now,
Produces levers for the mind to grasp, manipulate any task,
And piece by piece release an integration that can reach and touch a galaxy
To extend a searching finger to its center breach of time and space.
So do these artifacts of abstracts resolve within our brain
The multiples of untouchables, unjumble imperceptibles to obtain
Relevance to elements, untie the why to splinter the arcane.



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