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Daddy, How Do You Lose Face? Daddy, How Do You Lose Face?
by Leah Sellers
2019-10-19 09:11:28
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“Daddy, how do you Lose your Face ?”

Jayce’s Daddy looked up and out from under the Ford Truck’s raised hood and peered quizzically at his seven year old Son. “Did you say Lose your Face ?”

“Yes sir. Bruce told Chester that he had Lost his Face just before he hit him in the very Face that he told Chester he had Lost, and they both got sent to the principal’s office at school today,” Jayce nonchalantly explained.

“Oh, I see,” Jayce’s Daddy said as he grabbed another wrench and started to work on the Ford Truck’s engine again. “Perhaps what Bruce should have said is that Chester had done something to him or another Friend of theirs that made Chester Lose Face.”

“But how can Anybody Lose their Face, Daddy ? I wake up every morning with my very same Face. I never Lose it.”

“My Face goes with me everywhere, Daddy !” Jayce said earnestly.

“Well, Son, a Person Loses Face when they do something to DisGrace or Humiliate themselves or somebody else.”

“Like when I accidentally wet my bed sometimes, Daddy ?”

“No, Jayce, that’s an accident and you’re growin’ out of it. Your wettin’ your bed is not a Deliberate Act.”

“Daddy, how does somebody Act Deliberately ?”

“Well, Jayce, when Bruce hit Chester in the Face for doing something to Lose Face, that was a Deliberate Act. Bruce meant to hit Chester for doing something to upset him. Bruce meant to Hurt Chester.”

“How do we DisGrace or Humiliate ourselves or anybody else, Daddy ?”

“That’s a difficult question, Jayce. There are a lot of different ways that Folks can DisGrace or Humiliate themselves or other Folks.”

“Normally, a Person Loses Face when they Betray somebody else that they should have Protected or Honored.”

“Like when our German Shepherd, Maggie, Protects her eight Puppies from strangers that she thinks might hurt them ?”

tru01_400_02“Yes, Jayce, a lot like that. And a Person can Lose Face if they Break and Promise to a Friend or an Ally.”

“But Daddy, how can Losing you Face be so terrible ? I heard uncle E. L. say that President Trump made America Lose Face when he Betrayed our Kurdy Allies when he left them high and dry to be slaughtered and overtaken by some Crazy Turkey that lives a long way from here.”

“Daddy, I have been attacked by a Crazy Turkey before over at aunt Margaret’s. And that Crazy Turkey pulled a big hunk of hair right off of my head ! But that Crazy Turkey did not get to pull my Face Off. I ran away, way too fast !”

Jayce’s Daddy tried not to laugh and just grunted as he hid under the hood of his Ford pick-up.

“Daddy, how can the President make America Lose Her Face ? The President is supposed to Love and Protect America, and Her Friends, like I Love and try to Protect my Family and Friends. Why would anyone do something to hurt America like that ? And where do we start looking for America’s Face ?

“Where, indeed, Jayce,” Jayce’s Daddy said sadly.

“When somebody’s Face get Lost does it take a long time to find it again, Daddy ?”

“Sometimes finding a Lost Face can take longer to find than at other times. Depends on how bad the Betrayal and Humiliation were, and how many other Folks were Affected.”

“I do not ever want to be Infected by or with a Lost Face, Daddy. I will always run away fast, just like I did from aunt Margaret’s Crazy Turkey.”

“Jayce, being Affected by something or someone means that it or they Touched you in some way.”

“I know, Daddy ! When somebody Touches you, you become Infected by their germs. You catch what they have.”

“Daddy, where is America’s Lost Face ? Where does She keep it ? Or does President Trump keep it Lost ? I don’t even know what America’s Face looks like, Daddy ? So, how can I ever help to find it ?

Jayce’s Daddy put his wrench down and came out from under the hood of his pick-up wiping his hands on an old rag he had slipped from his back pocket.

“Daddy, did President Trump hit America in the Face, like Bruce did Chester, and that’s how She Lost it ?”

“Jayce, a very Wise person once said that when we Betray or Humiliate our Friends or Allies, We Betray and Humiliate ourselves.”

Jayce’s Daddy wrapped his large, long arms around his Son’s small shoulders saying, “Jayce, just always try to remember to be True to your Better Self, your Better Angels, and you’re likely never to have to worry about ever Losing Face, Son.”

“Or anybody else’s Face, either. Right, Daddy ?” Jayce asked his bright eyes uplifted to take in his Father’s every word and gesture.

“Right, Son,” Jayce’s Daddy said poignantly. “Now, how about we run on up to the house to grab some of your Mother’s chicken and dumplings ? Last one to the back door is a rotten egg !”

“I’m smellin’ you already, Daddy !” Jayce shouted out with glee as he stretched his short, growing legs to match his Daddy’s long strides.

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