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A Central Theme A Central Theme
by George Cassidy Payne
2019-10-17 09:25:47
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You asked for a strong
central theme, well,
here it is.

Love is a cloth
that comes undone
like a bootleg Gucci
handbag, the type sold
behind a hot dog stand
and an NYPD officer talking
to his girlfriend on a cell phone.

Love is heaven
until it gets sucked into a black hole,
tears cascading over the Event Horizon
like palm-sized drops of frozen crystal.

Love is an illusion
shaped in words, like ions
bursting in the atmosphere.

And your glasses, just a little crooked
on the end of your button nose; and
how your bangs cover your eyebrows,
and how your smile proves to me that I
will be safe; and the way your wrinkles
tell your story, not over by a long shot.

Love is cerise and cream-colored,
corrugated silence, and the cracks
between the legs of a rocking chair
made of cherry oaks facing the lace
our grandmother planted in the woods.



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