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Advice on being happy Advice on being happy
by Joseph Gatt
2019-10-18 09:04:40
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Tips on what to do and what not to do, to be happy. In no particular order.

-Unhappy people want to cut corners. If they want something, they try to get it without making the necessary effort.

-Happy people know that they need to provide a long, prolonged, tiring but ultimately rewarding effort to get what they want.

happ01_400-For example, if unhappy people want to learn French, they put that on the resume, lie to everyone about speaking French, and don't bother with the actual effort to learn the language.

-Happy people on the other hand take lessons, drills and try to practice the language as much as they can before they claim they speak “some French” or “decent French.”

-Unhappy people make other people unhappy. Their presence makes happy people leave, and their place becomes a war zone.

-Happy people attract happy people. In some cases, even unhappy people take a shot at being happy with them. And happy places tend to experience great success.

-Unhappy people blame, criticize and bully other people. Even when other people do well, they criticize other people.

-Happy people praise other people. Even when people make mistakes happy people try to fix the mistake without too much drama.

-Unhappy people believe that you should only treat people right if it's in your interest. Once you get what you want, you can betray them.

-Happy people believe in treating people positively no matter what.

-Unhappy people make dramatic events out of minor accidents. They could trip and fall in the streets and talk about it all day as a miserable event.

-Happy people avoid discussing dramatic events. Even when mourning, they try to avoid the negative thoughts by discussing unrelated topics.

-Unhappy people lie, and in many cases “lie to experts.” That is unhappy people often don't ask questions, and they don't realize they are telling lies to people who know the truth.

-Happy people tell the truth, and don't mind telling the truth to people who need the truth.

-Unhappy people don't ask questions to other people. They make statements and try to make guesses about other people rather than directly asking them.

-Happy people ask more questions than they make statements. The listen to other people talk, and only chip in when necessary.

-Unhappy people cannot make direct statements, and often beat around the bush. Their hints are often malicious hints.

-Happy people talk directly and plainly, and have no evil intention in their claims.

-Unhappy people discuss the news and keep complaining about the world's problems.

-Happy people discuss your life and the good you have done during your life.

-Finally, unhappy people will be unhappy about the result of your work or your presence, no matter what. Don't think a huge gift or a big favor will make them happy.

-Happy people will be happy no matter what. If you mess with them, they will avoid your presence, or try to find a way to get rid of you. With happy people, it's “either the grumpy one leaves, or I leave.”

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