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Depp stands for Idiot
by Jane Eagle
2007-06-11 09:44:59
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I woke up rather roughly this morning, hmm from a dream (oh what a dream! Inappropriate both for minors and adults, hehe). I got up… and dressed up and went out & got laid. Hahaha, Jack Kerouac, not me. Let’s start over: So I got up with a dead (to the last cell) brain yet unusually daisy like (you know: bright face, refreshed arms & legs, soft skin –god, I love this when it happens). I wandered around the house for a few minutes with no sense of orientation and my mind finally got in order after the second cup of coffee.

Now I am sipping the third cup while recalling all my buggers. I stick to the most important (that could also concern you ‘cause I’m cute and considerate, you know that): Yesterday I got really upset with Johnny Depp; we didn’t fight (children were watching) yet I’m still pissed off at him, in the same way Marilyn frowned her sweet, little face. Hahahaha, no I’m yanking you, I’m actually quite angry, kinda like DePalma’s Carrie after her disastrous prom dance.

Over the last ten years I’ve grown pretty fond of Johnny Depp; two of his films possess the top spots in my top 10 movie list (guess which, hehe). I used to watch “21 Jump Street” as a kid, yet essentially I discovered the actor Johnny Depp in Arizona Dream. I was 10-years-old (I won’t - I can’t – comment, the trauma of a child that sees Kusturica, sniff; I still glance at that stupid fish and bbbrrrr). And then came Edward Scissorhands, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (his mum? Oh, I’m so nasty I hate myself, hahahaha), etc. etc.

He won me over little by little as I observed the way he attributes each of his parts; the acting method he’s using is totally unique + effective. In my reviews I am used to characterizing him as a talented mimic with extreme compositive ability, so that he shapes performances adopting multiple models out of his environment, other actors, animals or cartoons… Moreover he accomplishes to color his personalities so softly, that he contributes in the aesthetics of the film disarming every grotesque element. Girls (you may have noticed) love him because he’s a dish; I love him because his physiognomy with its subtle characteristics ensures him the ableness of a chameleon.

He is the only actor of his generation that has offered such a rich - in quality & quantity - work in the cinema industry. A little vermin, a total freak, “The term 'serious actor' is kind of an oxymoron, isn't it? Republican party, airplane food". His complicated personality had as a result his cinematographic choices. Now, try and visualize Ed Scissorhands with Tom Cruise starring (he was considered for the role)! Jarmusch wrote Dead Man for Johnny, convinced that if the actor rejected the leading part he wouldn’t shoot the film.

The actor by his nature may obey and execute commands; but Depp happens to be one of the few actors that form their character through their interpretation. Johnny Depp belongs in the category of creators, he changes the script, his styling, the camera’s lenses – he just drives any ignorant director maaaad. A fact easily proved by the point he wished to do something more than acting…

In 1996 he undertook the script, direction and leading part of The Brave. Thus he spoke to us for an unemployed Amerindian, who sold his life to a snuff film producer for $50,000 in order to provide for his family. Terry Gilliam quotes about the movie: “He had this project that he felt deeply about, he directed it, and then the money guys wanted it at Cannes - but he never really had the chance to finish the film properly.”

The criticism at the Cannes Festival disappointed Depp; as a result he refused to show The Brave in the USA: “You know what was traumatizing […] the reception of the film was beyond any expectations that I had, I mean I had no idea that I'd be looking at, you know, Bertolucci sitting there watching my film, or Antonioni, or Kusturica watching my film, and then to receive the, you know the applause that my film got was so incredible -- you know, to have Antonioni say "Bravo" to me, I mean, and then the next day, the majority of the press -- and the majority of it was American press -- just turned it into this horrible thing. And once again, everybody's entitled to their opinion -- maybe it's a bad film, maybe it's a good film, to me it's just a film, it's something I wanted to make”.

My opinion (I know you want it) is that Depp’s movie was extremely interesting and bitter, while you can’t overlook the arty element’s effort to depict the psychology of the hero –some particular scenes are magic. Hmm, perhaps I’ll write a more detailed review some other time…

Still you’re trying to figure out why I’m angry at him, are you? So I was taking a look at this year’s Festival of Cannes winners. Best direction: Julian Schnabel for his film Le Scaphandre et le Papillon. “Perfect!” I thought to myself, since the original choice for the lead was Depp. I then navigated to IMDB and I just couldn’t believe my eyes & my horribly dusty screen… I rubbed my eyes, wiped the screen with spit and a sleeve, I looked again: Depp turned down the leading part (oh yeah! the one that could turn into the best of his life!).

He dropped from the project due to scheduling conflicts while filming the second Pirates of the Caribbean sequel... I just cried out: What an idiot (in truth I swore worse than that but I wear the good girl suit right now)!!!… He rejected a film that was based on a perfect book, shot by a very good filmmaker, the production was half American half European… Arghh, it seems like Captain Jack Sparrow, forgot himself too much time in his sauna with the result of an overcooked head! This is not a joke for me; I had to listen to three Sasha Distel songs just to calm down. “Le jour se lève et j’ai très mal dormi”, lalala…

The rebel actor that used to smash everything on the “21 Jump Street” TV sets … The actor that literally puked in the name of Hollywood and drank shots (or ginger ale) with Jarmusch, Gilliam, Kusturica, Burton + other amazing persons… The actor that took part in the weirdest projects even though he was paid thin air… This actor has already scheduled the sequels of “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Sin City”, owns an island and takes his eight-year.old daughter to shop for Gucci purses (perfect - that’s exactly what we need, another chick – she’s 8 man! She should hand-make her toys, not buy labeled crap).

I really believed that he would write a chapter in The History of Cinema if he continued the good work of the '90s. I believed that he could “establish” an acting school like Brando or Dean. Why did he throw everything away? Please, don’t tell me “for the money” because it will be true and I’ll lose a little bit more of my faith in the human kind.

Ps. I’m looking forward to finding out whether his upcoming projects (The Rum Diary & Shantaram) are worth watching… other than that Depp’s career completed its circle. Teenage heartthrob he was, a teenage heartthrob he is. Oh, I’m so hoping for the best, but I’m prepared for the worst… Damn!

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nemo2007-06-11 20:27:35
money rule dear jane

Alan2007-06-11 21:05:00
True indeed!!!

tangatti2007-06-11 22:36:49
He should have continued playing with Rock City Angels back in the 80s

F.A. Hutchison2007-06-14 02:36:09
Yes, 'Nemo' has it right... Until you work in 'Hollywood' like I have, you don't understand! It's all about money! Money is God in the world! Capitalism brings out the worst in us!

Jane E.2007-06-14 10:46:57
A mark, a yen, a buck or a pound, a buck or a pound, a buck or a pound, is all that makes the world go around, that clinking clanking sound, can make the world go round.

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