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The Typically Faux Trumpian Tirade Against Those WhistleBlower The Typically Faux Trumpian Tirade Against Those WhistleBlower
by Leah Sellers
2019-10-04 08:45:48
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The Typically Faux Trumpian Tirade Against
Those WhistleBlower,
Democracy and American Constitution
Lovin’ and Savin’ Yo-Yo’s !

Yeah, I’m a Narcissio-pathic
With Bad Boy Charismatic Mojo !

trumpy_400Corruptor of the Corruptible !
Deductor of the Deductible !
Deflector of all Deflections !
MisDirector of all MisDirections !
Deceptor of all Deceptions !
Erector of all Erections
(Erect That Trumpian Wall at any Cost
Do it with Leggos if you gotta’
To-may-toe - To-mah-tah -
Just do what you gotta’

Get My Cohen Man - A.G. Barr
On a 80 Days Around the World
Balloon Ride
To fill this Deflection Circus of Mine
Full of Helium and Vibe

For My Base Tribe !
I’m ridiin’ Biden
And his Spawn hard
I won’t give ‘em an inch
The Lies I Espouse and Spread about ‘em
Will stick like feathers
On Hot Tar !

And Secretary Pompeo (who listened to that Ukrainian Call ?)
And A.G. Barr (My very own American Taxpayer paid lawyer)
Don’t realize it yet
But they’re on their way Under
My Trumpian Empire Bus
They’ll go down hard
But without a lot of fuss

I’m Makin’ Barr look over
The Directing Investigator’s Shoulder
Make my Lies and Deflections bolder
To My Base MAGA Tribal BeHolders
Because they are my well Propaganda-Crafted
(through Limberger, and Levitation Man’s and
Neo-so-called-Right-Wing Others airwaves
And most FOX News digi-waves
Putin-bots !
They’re hot to trot !
Programmed to Divide and Rot Out
The Heart and Soul of America’s creaking, cracking
Democracy !
They’re my Slaves for the Civil War
We Trumpian-Bannonites are planning
If I don’t get my Way
On this or any other Day !
Because that’s the Narcissio-pathic
Socio-Yo-Yo Way !

My Base Tribe’s knee-jerk and jerky Instincts
Are to Swallow my Swallop
And lick my reflective, steel-toed Boots
To not give a Hoot
About my many Dark and Corrupting Motivations
And Twittering Blovations !
As long as they think I care about Saving Babies
And really enjoy their germy slathering all over me at my Rallies
Like Dogs infected with my Trumpian Rabies

So, let’s Reveal the WhistleBlower !
We’ll pull his Lips off and
Rip his Tongue out of his
Truth Tellin’ Tattlers Head !
Because I’m tired of shaking
In my Alligator Swampland Boots
And lookin’ over my
Lie-laden Shoulder with Dread !

Yeah ! My Mobbing Republican Mobsters
In this worthless Democracy that keeps getting
In your Dictating King’s Great Way
We gotta’ show these feisty Whistleblower,
Democracy and American Constitution
Lovin’ and Savin’ Yo-Yos
Who this Humptying-Humpty-Dumpty is
This Trumpty-fying Day !

“I’ll sell-out my Mother,
My Families to get My
Socio-Yo-Yo Say !

I’ll help Putin get the rest of his Ukraine
And Whoever and Whatever else he casts
His Eye of Bane upon !
Putin’s my Chest-thumpin’ Bud !
Kim Jong Un is my Love Letter writin’
Nukin’ Brother-by-another-Mother
And the Journalist murderin’ Prince of the Saudis
Is my Good Friend
You just name a Dictatin’
Murderin’ not-so-strong Strong Man
I don’t try to emulate and appreciate
To No End !
And if I wanna’ talk to and meet in Private
All of the time with My Dictatin’ Boys
Well - Nanner ! Nanner !
I’m the President
Who’ll Stop Me ?!
Just you try !!
I’ll squash you like a Bug
Flick you Down and Out like a Flea !

And this McCaine Institute’s Volker
Is a Loser
He quit the job I gave him
Before I pointed in his mug and screamed
You’re Fired !
Let him squeak and squeal
And blow his Whistle like a Dirty Rat
‘Cause that Schmuck is my next
Full-Meal-Deal !

And this Impeachment Mess
It’s not happenin’ !
I’m gonna Burn every WhistleBlowers Whistler
There will be no mention of any of my many
Obstructions of Justice or Bribery and Extortion
Of Ukrainian Comedians (or old PlayBoy Lovers)
Made President like this handsome and debonair
Reality TV Star
For You All to Gaze upon, and Wish Upon
And Bow before in Awe !
I know the Score
I know how to Play and Manipulate
The Game
Hard and Bloody Raw !

I know how to Connect with Grievance !
I am a Born Grievance !
I’ve been a Narcissio-pathic
Socio-Yo-Yo Grievance my whole Life !
I Relate !
There’s no Debate
I Know How to Hate !
Haters and I Relate !

If you’re Miserable
I’m your Man !
I’ll give you all of the Candy-Coated,
Poisonously Greed-filled Misery
The Systematically struggling
Working Poor, Farming and Middle Class Miseries
You Can Stand !
I’ll Sell Snow to the Eskimos
Swampland for my Base Tribe to Drain-in-the-Rain
While creating a multitude of lived-in
Mired-in-Sludgo Swamplands
Of my very Own
To Own (on the American Taxpayers Dollar and
Global Reputation)
And Trade Wars
For you all to Miserably groan and slag about !

I am a Lawless LawBreaker
And Electoral College Numbers Game
Elected Presidential LawGiver
I shoot Laws like poisoned arrows
At my Opponents from my
Trumpian Empire’s Quiver
I am a Narcissio-pathic
Who must Deliver
To and For Myself - that is
And to and for that Aim
Everybody within my Reach
Gets The Biz
The Trumpian
Humptyian Biz - that is
Because I’ll do anything to maintain
And win the Popularity Con-Test of 2020
And continue to make
This Presidential gig
My Corruptibly Corrupting
Cornucopia of Plenty

Yes, I want to Manipulate
The 2020 Elections My Way
I got away with it before
With ‘ole Hillary
Because of that droning on-and-on
Long and laborious
Mueller Report
That most Americans
Didn’t even want to Read
‘Cause in these Algorithmic Days
People like Sound Bytes
And My short Twittering Tweeds

So, of course, I’m gonna send my Mobster Guys
Over to Putinlandia-in-the-Making
To do my Dirty Deeds ! I’m no Fool !
I know how
To Push and Pull Bozos
I wanna’ make another One
Of my Screw-Drivin’ Tools !

I’ll bring down the CIA, the FBI,
The Department of Justice, the Congress,
The Pentagon, the White House
The Whole Country
And Nuke a Great Trumpian Hole
Into the Heart and Soul of the
Whole, Wide World
If I gotta’ !

They wanna’ nail my Carcass to The Wall
For Bribing and Extorting
That Ukrainian Comedian to Dig Up Dirt
Against Hunter Biden and his Fatha’
Then, just go ahead and try !
I’ll burn down EveryThing
And EveryBody to the ground !
Turn this Whole Planet
Into a big Cosmic Puddle of InFertile Mud !
Turn EveryThing an EveryOne
Upside down and dizzyingly around and around
‘Cause that’s the Nature of
Who I Am
The Nature of All
You Loser WhistleBlower,
Democracy and American Constitution
Lovin’ and Savin’ Yo-Yo’s


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