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Advice on networking Advice on networking
by Joseph Gatt
2019-10-03 09:54:53
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5 tips on how to ace this networking thing. In no particular order. 

Tip number 1: Fight for your (realistic) reputation

Four factors tend to play out in your reputation: your physical traits, your personality traits, your social traits and your intellectual traits. Now some people focus so much on physical traits and attire that they forget to feed their intellectual reputation. Some people focus so much on social reputation that they forget to work on their physical or intellectual reputation.

networ01_400So to ace this networking thing you need to be somewhat physically attractive (by that I mean pleasant) while having something of an attractive personality. You also need to work on your social reputation by hanging out with the right crowd, and you need to read a few books and work on your intellectual reputation.

Either way, don't lie just to have a good social or intellectual reputation, because you will get caught. Don't fake physical or personality traits, because otherwise people will call you “fake.”

Tip number 2: Networking is not just about conferences, it's a 24-hour a day game

A lot of people go to conferences, meet a lot of people, and then think they're done with their work. No.

After meeting those people at conferences or cocktail parties, what you want to do is have their contact number, if possible email or social media accounts, and you want to send them a note saying you were pleased to meet them.

You want to leave something in those notes or emails that will make those people want to interact with you next time you meet them.

Tip number 3: Some people will google your name and check out your social media accounts after meeting you.

I can only talk about myself here. I noticed three types of people regarding their image on social media and Google:

-Those who are too shy to talk to me or other people but who communicate with me indirectly via social media (I'd rather have a normal, focused conversation with them).

-Those who I have pleasant conversations with but then “prolong” the conversation by posting about the conversation we had on social media (directly or indirectly).

-Those who are like me, “old school” and who like to think twice before they speak, and stay out of social media.

In sum, if you're scary on social media, people are going to avoid you.

Tip number 4: meet some of the guys you met in informal settings. Even better, organize a meeting with several of the guys you met in an informal setting.

That is, after a conference or cocktail party, invite some of the guys out of coffee or a drink. It could be just this one guy, or it could be several guys. Chances are you'll meet them at the next party, that way you'll have people to talk to. The more you do this, the more comfortable you'll be at parties.

Tip number 5: the golden rule – be the last or among the last to leave the cocktail party

My Muslim foster family used to be the first to leave at any party. We were once invited for New Year's Day and they left at 10 PM. I was always frustrated by that.

The guys who leave last tend to (not always) get the best evaluation from the party. Guy who leaves last and helps with arranging or cleaning gets rave reviews. When the hosts of the party pack and leave, when they get in the car and van, their conversation is often going to focus on the guys who left last. Because the guys who left last probably is the guy who likes us the most. So unless your hosts hint that you should leave, try to stay until the very end.

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