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Goblin Time Goblin Time
by Jan Sand
2019-10-02 07:59:42
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Fold the sky like a paper sheet,
Shift the Moon to the Pleiades
gobl01_400Quandary is complete
Give the gods my sympathies.
Quantum links enmesh all space,
Time itself kicks out the clocks,
Distance falls upon its face,
The wolf has eaten Goldilocks.
Terror creeps the streets at night,
Governments are killed with gold.
The air is choking us with blight
Advisors guide where souls are sold.
Telephones chew on our brain,
Zombies screech from every screen
The seas boil with methane
Jack is planting every bean.
Nuclear war is the current notion
The complete world is shaken
There’s no doubt of a rising ocean
It’s welcome time for the Kraken.

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