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Just Listen Just Listen
by Jan Sand
2019-09-24 09:26:38
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I have yet to hear an apple scream when I peel it for a pie.
Admittedly chopped onions do evoke a cry,
But conversations, exclamations, out of communications
With other living beings evade, to great extents, intelligence
In all its subtle elements that totally defy
Selections of connections that simply pass me by.
listen01_400I’ve squeaked at mice, chirped at birds, buzzed at a passing fly.
I mew at cats, woof at dogs, but never wailed at whales.
Cats just stare, flies don’t care but dogs can wag their tails.
I say hello to people and sometimes get a grin
But in Helsinki where I live “terve”’s the word that’s in.
The crows are those that watch me when I caw.
Though a peanut’s quality’s the thing that really makes them thaw.
Insects, inside, may decide my gestures render greeting
And cozy up to take a nip to assume I invite eating.
So, I’d advise it would be wise to caution to discriminate
And keep an eye at mealtime which friends worth to eliminate.
But many bugs are not thugs, merely enigmatic,
No lips to smile, nor eyebrows for guile, and eyes completely static.
They chirp, they hum, they wiggle some, but never laugh or sneeze.
So, friendship can be fragile to put one at one’s ease.
And conversation topics are difficult to find.
Gossip with grasshoppers can drive one off one’s mind.
There are items on the net that are hard to deny.
Even plants communicate – at any rate, supply
Messages of danger, indications, perhaps kinder
Than the normal words of warning, more reminder
That plants require community just like you and me
And appreciate the visit of a butterfly or bee.
I strongly doubt philosophy could bring their cataclysm
Nor that they fiddle much about with logic or syllogism
But, nevertheless, greenleavish contemplation
Seems possible, or probable within most vegetation.
So, it seems, the entire world gossips with information.

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