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Old Shoe Old Shoe
by Nikos Laios
2019-09-15 08:03:12
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On a cold
Saturday morning
I walked down
An Athenian Street
To my regular cafe,
moments_400And Syntagma Square
Was filled with protestors
Waving banners and placards
Shaking their fists,
And the busses,
Trains and taxis
Were all on strike,
And plumes of teargas
Hovered in the air.

My shoes echoed
As I walked on
The ancient
Of Ermou street,
And I walked past
Shuttered shops
Plastered with posters
Of protest and revolution,
And street musicians
Played old Greek love songs,
And the nearby Acropolis
Flashed between the streets,
And I lifted the lapels of my
Burberry grey coat
To keep the
Cold away.

I reached
The Victory Cafe,
And it was located
On the ground floor
Of a dated 70’s
Office block,
But the decor
Was warm
And familiar:
Music and movie
Posters covered
The walls,
And Greek
Rock songs
From the 90’s
Blared from
A radio on
The counter.

I sat down
And unrolled
A morning newspaper,
And the Greek letters
Flashed bold against
The white paper
And grabbed my
I nodded and my
Coffee had

Tendrils of steam
Rose from the coffee
Cup in front of me,
And mingled
With the nutty
Fragrant aroma
Of coffee beans
And lifted my soul,
And I was lost
In that moment
Day dreaming.

On the other side
Of the street I
Saw an old shoe
In the entrance
Of a closed shop.
Apparently the old
Street bum that lived
There died in the early
Hours of the morning,
And I wondered
About that old shoe,
And the story of
The old man who
Wore it.

How many
More abandoned
Old shoes like
This existed
In Athens, London,
Paris, Madrid,
Or Rome?
What stories
Would they tell?

I drank
My coffee
And wondered
About the old man
With his wild woolly
Hair and shaggy white beard
And the life he had lived:
Was he a musician,
A chemist, a cobbler,
A fisherman, a farmer,
Or a chess master?

I shall never know,
And I drank my hot coffee
Listening to Greek rock songs,
And reflected on all the old
Abandoned shoes in Europe
Being discovered this
Morning on desolate
City streets.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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