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Panos Balomenos: Logical revolt Panos Balomenos: Logical revolt
by Ovi Magazine Guest
2019-09-04 08:13:29
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Panos Balomenos: Logical revolt
(What if a dramaturge or a choreographer takes care of an exhibition?)
Myymälä2 Gallery in Helsinki, Finland

Logical revolt
Painting Exhibition
Myymälä2 Gallery in Helsinki, Finland
11 September – 10 October 2019
Opening 11.9.2019   h.18:00-20:00

balomenos01_400An exhibition by Panos Balomenos in a dramaturgy by Ivana Momčilović, guest artists Karolina Kucia and Hannah Ouramo

´In October 2018 I participated in a group show entitled The stories we tell in MAAtila Gallery in Helsinki, Finland with Karolina Kucia and Hannah Ouramo. In that exhibition we dealt with subjects of visibility and invisibility, antifascist monuments, visual poetry and workers struggles.

Ivana Momčilović was the main character of the painting I had on display and during the exhibition period she was invited to hold a public discussion on the subject of my work.

When I got to know that Ι will have an exhibition period at Myymälä2 in 2019, the initial plan was to hold a solo show and present a series of paintings that deal with monuments both existing and non-existent ones, on a physical and on a mental level.

As I was more interested in an intellectually constructive dialogue between my works and other people that use a similar language to mine, I invited Ivana Momčilović to make the dramaturgy of the show with concepts that would transform the exhibition into a field of dialectics.

Talking with her on that matter I realized that the first step to invite a dramaturge for the curation of the show (in the pure etymological sense of the word), was bringing me to a second step in a ”logical” succession: I needed to bring some quests, fellow artists to make their own contribution and collaborate with me and the dramaturge. Karolina and Hannah where the right personas to come and participate through this process.

These steps formed the realization of this exhibition´.

Panos Balomenos, 2019


'The flag goes with the foul landscape, 
and our jargon muffles the drum.' 
In the great centres we'll nurture 
the most cynical prostitution. 
We'll massacre logical revolts. 

In spicy and drenched lands!-- 
at the service of the most monstrous 
exploitations, industrial or military. 
'Farewell here, no matter where. 

Conscripts of good will, 
ours will be a ferocious philosophy; 
ignorant as to science, rabid for comfort; 
and let the rest of the world croak. 
This is the real advance. Marching orders, let's go!'

Arthur Rimbaud                   

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