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A traumatized parliamentarism A traumatized parliamentarism
by Thanos Kalamidas
2019-09-04 08:13:46
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While the decision to suspend the parliament was not illegal or unconstitutional, Boris Johnson managed to make everything look antidemocratic within hours with his attitude and his words. While rejecting the idea of early elections and starting from the members of his own cabinet, Boris viciously threaten anybody who would dare oppose his …whatever it is, pathway to Brexit.

bori01_400_02He actually screwed badly parliamentarism, threatening that whoever will join his opposition and legislate an avoidance of a no-deal Brexit will be excluded from future nomination to represent the party in any elections. Amazingly he threaten them for a “crime” he had often committed in his past in every single public seat he found himself. Boris Johnson is the foremost British politician in disobeying party policies and leadership lines, especially when he served as Foreign Secretary.

While May’s Foreign Secretary he literally boycotted every single directive and every single decision came from Downing Street; especially every single one regarding Brexit. While Mayor of London he had absolutely nothing good to say about David Cameron. He was actually more critical against Cameron than his Labour opposition leaders, Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband.

And of course nobody can say with any certainty that his rejection to early elections has any serious base or it is just Boris …as usual; one thing today, exactly the opposite tomorrow. Especially since populist Daily Mail seems to headline his …sure victory if he calls for general elections now and we all know how …trustworthy the Mail’s headlines are. Still, they do carry a certain credibility in the mind of a populist politician, his followers and sometimes they do influence his decisions as Boris’ past has shown.

But in the end he …lost. After losing an MP while speaking in the parliament, Dr Phillip Lee, who moved from the Conservative Party to the Liberal Democrats while Boris was speaking to the parliament, entertaining for the momentum all the opposition; Boris lost majority. Dr Lee’s vote was critical for that.

The worst came later the same evening when members of the Tories voted against a no-deal Brexit defying Boris line despite all the threats and gave the opposition the chance to block Johnson from forcing a no-deal later this month. Boris personally lost the vote by 328-301.

And now what? Will Boris follow the Mail’s advice? Will he call for early elections hoping that he is the nation’s champion with a little help from his friend Nigel Farage?

And that while the Remainers seem to have unify more than any other time before, the Brexiteers -minor the fanatics, the nationalists and the usual xenophobes and racist, seem to be tired with the whole mess, have their doubts about Boris’ “truths” and worries about the economy. After all most of the have seen recession the last decades and have no good memories from it to look forward for a new one.

However -as I wrote in the beginning, the point is that Boris’ behaviour seriously traumatized parliamentarism in Britain and establishes – in a very Trumpian way - a precedent with unpredicted consequences for the future. Brexit or not.

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