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He's Pissing It All Away ! He's Pissing It All Away !
by Leah Sellers
2019-09-02 06:40:28
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“Oo-wee ! Jimbo, what are you sprayin’ all over the crop of Soybeans,
Boy-oh ?” Jimbo’s Father yelled as he approached the large turbine his son had just stopped in the middle of a large field of Soybean Stalks, in order to avoid running over his Daddy.

“I got the Sewage Sucker Truck and sucked up every last drop of animal piss and human piss on our Place that it would hold. That’s what ? Trump and his Bunch of Humpty-Dumpties are Pissin’ all of our Farms and Futures away in their Theoretical Economic Pissin’ Game with China. Each so called Leader seein’ who can Piss the furtherest and the longest So, why shouldn‘t I participate in their Game with ‘em in Reality ?” Jimbo yelled back defiantly.

pis01_400“Their Tariff Game has ruined our Future prospects for some time to come. We’ll never get some of the Trade Deals back that we used to depend upon every year again. Those deals are going on to other Countries ready and eager to take our place in the World Markets, while Trump and China play their Pissin’ Pissy Game !

“Trump is Pissin’ America’s Future all away for his Rich Pals, and his Putin-Care-Bear Oligarchs who play the Markets and are Profitin’ off of our Misery and Loss !”

“I’m Pissed off, Pop. So Piss on it all,” Jimbo said as he pointed out toward the hundreds of acres of Soybeans rotting in the fallow fields, reeking of animal and human urine, feces and mud before turning the engine of the turbine off.

“Have you plum lost your mind ?” Jimbo’s Father asked. “We’re havin’ enough trouble findin’ Buyers to take this Crop off of our hands as it is !”

“Yes sir. And you are talkin’ to Noah about the flood, Pop. “ Jimbo said as he climbed down out of the turbine, and jumped to the ground beside his Dad.

“Ever since that meetin’ with that Big Yahoo from the Agricultural Department, who thought it would be cute to joke about all of us Farmers being Whiners, and expectin’ us to laugh at ourselves the way Trump and his Bunch of Ying-Yangs are laughin at us, I have been Madder than a Hatter !”

“Pop, these Trumpian Tariffs are just a Tax passed down onto the backs of American Consumers, and you know that ! It’s the Middle Class and the Poor payin’ for this Roulette Pissin’ Game for the Rich and Powerful Leaders of the World, because We the People have Chosen to Make and Keep them Rich and Powerful !”

“There are Better, more Fair and Just ways to Do things and Run things, Pop. So, why don’t we all Rise Up and put our knot-headed Knot-Heads together and Change things for the Better for Everyone. Not just a handful of Self Aggrandizing Ya-hoos, who laugh at us behind our backs and then turn around and boldly laugh in our faces !”

“And all of this Nonsense about the Browning and Blacking of America, and stoppin’ the Browns and Blacks from Immigratin’ to America for better Opportunities and Safe plain and simple lives. Well, I have been runnin’ my own experiment since I spend most of my day out in the sun.”

“Jimbo’s Dad cleared his throat, “I noticed that you you’ve been wearin’ a shirt with one long sleeve and a short sleeve. I meant to ask you about it, but just never seemed to find the time.”

“Well, looky here, Pop,” Jimbo said as he rolled up the long sleeve of his shirt. “See how white the skin on my long sleeved arm is when I compare it to the short sleeved arm that’s been out in the sun for days as I helped to Piss Away a useless Crop of Soybeans for Trump and his Humpty-Dumpties, because I voted for Trump ?”

“See how tanned and brown my short sleeved arm is, Pop ?”

“Yes, Son, I see the difference. It’s hard to miss,” Jimbo’s Dad said thoughtfully.

“Well, the varyin’ color of my Skin has not Changed what I carry around Inside of me, Pop. I am the same Person I have always been no matter the color of my Skin,” Jimbo said poignantly.

“Even if I spoke a different language or ate different kinds of foods because of the area I might have been brought up in. What is Inside of Me is One and the Same. Loves you, and My Family, and the Farm, and America just the same. I’d go to the mat for any or all of y’all at a moments notice, because that is Who I Am. Do you understand what I’m tryin’ to tell you, Pop ?”

“Yes, I do, Jimbo. Sometimes I forget what’s Real in this World of ours when I get afraid of the things goin’ on around me, Son.”

Jimbo laughed to lighten the mood a bit. “Besides with Climate Change and the Planet gettin’ hotter and all of that, those Folks with Darker Skin will fare far better than those of us with lily white skin, anyhow.”
Jimbo’s Dad gave his Son a sideways grin and said, “Alright, alright, I won’t say anything more about The Wall.”

“I never understood your attitude about that, Pop, ’cause you and I both know that there’s not a Wall in the World made that cannot eventually be Climbed Over or Tunneled Under,” Jimbo said offhandedly.

“And there is a very Dark Stain bein’ put on the Soul of America every time we Allow the Separation of a Child from their Parents or Family. Or Deport sick Kids out of our Hospitals and away from the Life Givin’ treatments that they desperately need, and won’t receive where they came from, and are force fed back to,” Jimbo sighed.

“Pop, that’s just out-and-out murder to kick those Kids out of the Hospitals like that,” Jimbo continued shaking his head in disbelief.

“Pop, how can we call ourselves Christian and Allow our Trumpian Government to Do such a thing in Our Names ? What are We BeComing ?”

“And this Allowin’ the Needy, Greedy Trumpian Hoaksters to open up all of our Public Parks and the Alaskan Rain Forest to Oligarchic-Corporate Loggers, and Oil Frickers and Frackers, and Coal and other Mineral Strip Miners and Land Rapers. It’s a Sin to Kill the Earth this way, and leave our Children and their Children nothin’ but InFertile Dust to fiddle away their Futures with and on !”

“And I have to admit that I was a little nervous walkin’ into Walmart the other day for Peggy Joy’s Lipton Tea Bags. I kept a look out for anyone who might be carryin’ or hidin’ a gun.”

“This is just no way for any Sane Person to want to live, Pop,” Jimbo declared heavily. “No way to live at all. Our kids are afraid of gettin’ shot at School, and at any other kind of Public Gatherin‘. I, and others, are afraid of gettin’ shot in Walmart by some Yahoo with a Hateful Grudge."

"It’s Crazy to let all of this continue to build and not do anything to stop it. Our whole Nation is being run by and through Fear and Hate of those we have Chosen to Fear for whatever good or bad reasons. And we‘re just compoundin‘ the problem with all of the Military Weapons we have Allowed out on the Streets of America-the-Gun-Shy and the Gun-Hungry.”

“Jimbo, why don’t you come on up to the House with me,” Jimbo’s Dad proffered.

“We’ll get a a nice, cool glass of your Mom’s Sun-Tea, and shoot the breeze under the shade of the front porch.”

“I’d like that, Pop,” Jimbo said with a wide grin, as his Father patted him on the back. “The smell of all of this Piss in the air out of what has BeCome our Trumpian Field of Pissin’ Games is beginning to affixiate me.”

“Yeah, I don’t want any of this Pissin’ Match to affix to me either, Boy-oh,” Jimbo’s Dad grunted as he and Jimbo walked the long aisle between rows of dormant Soybean Stalks toward their Family Farm, and Peggy Joy’s Sun-Tea.


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