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Autumn Trees & Skies Autumn Trees & Skies
by Saloni Kaul
2019-09-01 08:49:03
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Yearlong these gloriously flaming skies
With their ethereal rusts and pastel pinks
Vermilions and wildest rose-red outcries
Conquer with colours the ground slowly darkening to shades of ink.
Come autumn, however, the repeats and themes
All reverse and trees  transforming hue
And shade get the upper hand dramatic as in dreams
As they take on their newer look on cue.
This time the season sings in tones most unrestrained
And bright orange and rust leaves that glitter and sparkle
In the sun daylong practice session paint stained
Put on their best performance at close of day darkle.
Gushing forth with might and colour they look glazed
Ah how the autumn trees set sunset skies ablaze !



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