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Orb-weaver Orb-weaver
by David Sparenberg
2021-08-28 07:48:03
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weaver01_400The tiny architect of threads works in the mirror of archetypes.  Grandmother Spider weaves the web of life.  Look around—be astounded and transformed by wonder!

Garden spider, an Orb-weaver, heralding the arrival of autumn, has learned well the Grandmother’s art.  Each miniature strand sublimely extends the narrative of creation. Even with so many eyes the cynic fly is bedazzled by the Gaudy-work of an arachnid’s dew-catcher wheel.

Iktomi, tribal spider-man, is a trickster who yet can appear at dawn and speak the truth.  Ikto does not instigate irreparable harm but gives gifts of mystery and delight.  Illusions are spun to provoke laughter.  Web spinners are renowned as dancing seers and dervish prophets.

We, who are plotters and un-weavers; woefully misplaced, wrong-headed, hard hearted and habitually anxious; deny both mystic roots and rites of magic, and too often exercise power envenomed through our technologies of destruction.

Whatever Grandmother Spider weaves, she unweaves only to dynamically weave again.  Grandmother teaches the diversity of Earth’s children that nothing is lost in the field of relationships and the art of life has pulse and heartbeat and is metamorphic.


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