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Blissful Incoherence Blissful Incoherence
by Saloni Kaul
2019-08-11 05:47:33
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A song that hums and trills so in your ear
Until your mind’s all laden and abuzz with the tune,
Melodic fragments disjointed, that obstinately do adhere
Akin to mule not budging on some blazing dune,
There’s beauty embedded in that impulse-puller,
In making take it concrete shape or faint
Quite as intense crazy sporadic bursts of colour
That thrill excite the artist just about to paint.
Why is it that those who love in spurts half ploughed
With half said outbursts, cries, sweet sayings as the norm
Are equally aroused as with the loud
Long declarations of love uttered in fine finished form.
In flashed arcs glimpse perfect circumference,
Inexplicable the beauties o’ incoherence.



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