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The Price Of Beauty The Price Of Beauty
by Saloni Kaul
2019-07-27 09:01:20
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Atop the hill old trees gaunt in a clump
All stand on guard eternal like a sage,
On the alert like batsman suave protects his stump
Staying on is life though runs get him to the front page.
Strewn generously along the pathways wild
Are all the tempting delectations that us all intrigue,
Whilst thought and wisdom of the highest league
Lures like dramatically layered mosaic well-tiled.
How like the wild imagination does
This tall top line to realms beyond extend !
Entirely flat disregarded by the general buzz ,
Could all this something strenuously strange portend ?
Immersed in meditation, sagelike old trees stay on duty
And the wayward beholder pays the price of beauty.  



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