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Balancing on Brexit tightrope Balancing on Brexit tightrope
by Thanos Kalamidas
2019-07-24 09:07:51
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If London mayorship and a term at the foreign office can be a blue print for what is coming then British people will really miss “strong and stable” Theresa May.

Boris Johnson, the new British Prime Minister, a well-known populist and internationally diplomat goofy while a huge question mark. Nobody really knows what Boris, the Prime Minister, will bring into Downing Street and nobody knows how strong and especially how stable his prime-ministry will be. Still, he is the Brexiteers last hope.

boris001_400_01Boris Johnson, in spite of former PR performances while London’s mayor, is literally balancing on a tightrope and this has not only to do with the deadlock situation in the negotiations with EU but mainly with the things the former foreign secretary has promised in the past, he has said in the past and has often confusingly radically change the last three years.

His latest promise and most likely the one that elected him to the prime minister’s seat is that Brexit will end by the end of October with or without an agreement. Pointing that he means an agreement he likes not the one May compromised with. While giving this promise willingly or not, Boris Johnson voluntarily put a possible expiring day to his prime-ministry.

 Despite all the problems Britain is facing at the moment, Boris was elected by the conservative party to end Brexit as soon as possible with the less possible damage for the British interests. Period. The rest of the problems are postponed for after Brexit which shows how little the Tories understand the situation and how little they comprehend the vice-versa relationship between the general economic situation and the outcome of a no-deal Brexit. Actually it is the general financial situation that makes a no-deal Brexit nightmarish difficult.

Boris Johnson is gambling. He is applying the game theory into one of the most fragile negotiations for Britain the last hundred years at least and he does it with arrogance and self-centrism.

Nobody doubts the British economic power. Still in a global economy with memories for the 2008 recession that lasted five years and declined British economy by 7%, even global economies can grabble for survival. On top of that, the British economy would have never beat so easily the 2008 crisis without help from …EU. What Boris and most of the Brexiteers miss is that they are not only part of the EU evolution they despise do much, they were also active contributors to what EU has become today and a lot of things they find as obstacles today they helped to create.  

In 2009 the new elected Greek prime minister tried exactly the same theory without Greece been a great economic theory but believing that the EU partners will withdraw in front of a serious economic crisis that could destroy both sides and mainly the Eurozone. It didn’t work because while the Greek side was gabling the EU side was preparing. While the Greeks were playing poker, Brussels were playing chess. And as reality proved soon after, chess won.

I’m afraid Britain has fallen to exactly the same trap. For three years British politicians have argued about one or another Brexit scenario leaving always the other side feeling threaten, ignored and underestimated always preceding the face of a long declined empire. Oddly, the British politicians fell to their own ploy and actually believed their own myth.

Boris Johnson has shown a gambler and all his practices till now look like babbling gambling. Sadly he’s not playing poker at Brussels’ chessboard as he probably thinks but on a German-French chessboard and this moment both of them are financially much much stronger than a forgotten British empire

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