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Why you'll never win at casinos Why you'll never win at casinos
by Joseph Gatt
2019-07-17 08:16:12
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-Modern casinos were invented for two purposes: to take people's money, and for money laundering purposes.

casino01_400-Most casinos have control towers, and see everything that happens inside the casino. They see who's playing and know whose playing.

-Their goal is to get you to play for as long as possible. Most tables are rigged. Even dice are rigged. Casinos use several “magic” tricks to rig the games, including by using cards that dealers can identify, and rigging the table in ways that such or such number will roll out of the dice. Roulette is rigged, and the slots machines are rigged.

-The general idea is they try to get you to win 100 dollars a couple of times. Control towers will read your facial expressions, the minute your facial expression signals that you are about to bow out, they release 100 bucks. They perform the trick several times to keep you playing.

-Casinos also use other psychological tricks, such as making you win 100 dollars in the presence of a stunningly beautiful woman or handsome man, who will smile at you or cheer for you. Such cheerleaders are employed by casinos.

-Casinos know that most people like to play alone. So they tend to place guards when people are playing, especially high stakes, to prevent other people from joining the other tables or machines.

-When people win big, it's usually a money laundering mission. You can't tell your bank you made a million bucks dealing drugs or selling prostitutes, but you can tell your bank you won a million bucks playing at the casino.

There's more to the story, but they're just details.

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Murray Hunter2019-07-18 11:59:43
Totally agree with you. However is there any evidence. Did a couple of searches about "cheerleaders" as an example and came up empty. Casinos are a massive social problem where people are committing suicide because of depression after losing bigtime. I cant even find any 'news' about that.

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