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Ambassadorial obligations, Boris' surrenders Ambassadorial obligations, Boris' surrenders
by Thanos Kalamidas
2019-07-11 09:22:42
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Subtracting to a bully is the best way to turn him/her into something more aggressive and far more demanding. That’s exactly what Trump’s 'art of deal' is all about. Bullying others and while they subtract, demand for more. And it has worked for decades.

First hiding behind daddy’s money, later hiding behind the celebrity status and the power his media connections gave him, now hiding behind the American presidency and the mighty US economic and war machine. And you have to admit that either from slyness or luck when one protector was ending immediately the next one appeared.

But the most appalling fact is that very few dared to stand up to him and call his bluff. Most victims trying to find ways to avoid a very public confrontation tried to at least compromise with his demands. A lot decided to totally surrender to him and as a result the narcissist authoritarian became more and more aggressive and demanding and things gone even worst to the ones in need of him and his “powers”.

trumbori01_400Sir Kim Darroch, the UK ambassador to Washington didn’t do anything more or less to what most of the world’s ambassadors have done the last …I don’t know how many centuries. Sir Kim Darroch wrote in his report what more than 50% of the American people know and say ion daily bases. Sir Kim Darroch only wrote what even American politicians in the Republican Party believe and former State Secretary, Rex Tillerson said. This is an incompetent president who will not end well his presidency most likely with problems with the law. After he didn’t call him …moron like most occupants of the Capitol Hill do.

Ambassadors always and with occasionally cruel honesty, informed their governments about the country and the rulers of their host. It’s part of their job description and perhaps one of the most important. US ambassadors do that all the time all around the world. In highly confidential and for-your-eyes-only memos. And everyone know it.

Putin will not be surprised if he finds out that the US ambassador does not refer to him as the greatest philanthropist but as an authoritarian figure and I’m sure that the description of the US ambassador for the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will have a lot of sensor black-tape over bad language. And this works vice versa, I have no doubts that the Russian ambassador in Washington when he describes Trump does not use worlds like humanitarian and tolerant. You see brute truthiness is part of an ambassador’s job.

The irony is that even Trump understands all that and most likely he has already seen report from US ambassadors which are not very complimentary about leaders of other countries. But all undemanding ends when it comes to him and …Ivanka. He started with a series of twits going after Sir Kim Darroch, accusing for not serving well the United Kingdom and then he started attacking the UK’s Prime minister for letting him continue been there. The situation escalated when the British ambassador was excluded from all official events in Washington D.C.

Theresa May covered immediately Sir Kim Darroch for the simple reason that he obviously doing his job really well and emphasizing that the real problem was how this memo leaked to the press and not what the UK ambassador wrote however insulted Donald Trump might felt with the text. While May found parliament and the majority of the public agreeing with he, Trump found an ally to move his bullying internally in UK, May’s most likely successor and international trumpist clown, Boris Johnson who demanded … Sir Kim Darroch’s head on a dish. And after that UK’s ambassador to USA felt obliged to resign.

With his actions and his surrender to the US bully, Boris Johnson proved before even move to Dawning Street, how small he is to rule Britannia and how vulnerable UK will be with a prime minister who cannot stand to a bully. What will be his first act as PM? Demand Sadiq Khan’s resignation because his presence upsets his master’s voice, Donald?

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