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Value Value
by Jan Sand
2021-04-08 03:56:04
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The length of my life has transported me to an area of personal survival in which I am in an extended quest for discovering why and what I am doing here. What is currently valuable to me and what registers as meaningless. In my life, I have explored a number of areas. I have had some success in a few directions and not very much in others and never discovered within myself the powerful driving force that captures many others in their efforts to gain what they so desire. So, I am left with an uncomfortable emptiness as to what it is all about.

value001_400Even the most casual survey of the state of current civilization produces much evidence of extraordinary accomplishments of the human animal in comparison to other planetary life. Historical and current life indicates that this most odd creature has yet to produce a reasonable system for granting even a large percentage of its members a decent fulfilling life. But there remain exceedingly strong forces at work to not only exterminate all human life plus also almost all current life on the planet. What amazes me is that this rather well informed civilization is well aware of its oncoming extinction and yet there is not much more than a few feeble and rather ineffective efforts to actually confront this ultimate disaster. Any real attempt to turn it around is not in evidence. There are some indications that this dire situation may have come to the point where it is unstoppable but somehow, I have the concept it is still worthwhile to try. Nevertheless, in general, this seems to be a minor opinion at best.

As my illustration above indicates, the sectors of humanity that create most major policies, are so deeply embedded in the pursuit of financial power that they are acting energetically to ensure that when this planet finally acquires in its environment its full solar acceptance of warming they will have a respectable supply of monetary paper to light their way to that final blazing incineration. If this is the desired endpoint of civilization it differs considerably from my own.

When humanity evolved out of its origins, like any other product of the process, it took advantage of what the planet had to offer and prospered or declined as the ecology matched or ceased to match its basic needs of food and shelter. As it became more knowledgeable and, perhaps, more clever, it adapted the ecological offerings more closely to its needs and modified its own behaviour to radically influence the planet’s offerings in its favour. These interactions eventually changed both humans and the environment to such an extent that there was little relationship between what the untended environment had to offer humanity and what the species required to survive. Huge human effort was continuously required to supply the requirements of humanity to maintain itself.

But within this accumulated understanding and advanced ability to manipulate nature there developed various disciplines with self-generating motivations to advance the entire culture in a revolutionary way. The economic systems which required human interaction with natural processes to provide the necessities for human existence more and more developed mechanisms of one kind or another to replace the human element in the entire process. Currently the impact of this replacement has a long way to go to affect in a major way the economic systems which required human participation.  But the trend is unmistakable and the pace of this change is increasing rapidly. The rather exclusive sector of humanity which had profited immensely out of the human participation is relentlessly driven out of economics to substitute machinery for humanity with little if any provision for people to acquire the benefits of this innovation.

In other words, in a most odd way, by elimination of a major portion of humanity from the creation of the needs of human culture, the end point is to return humanity to its origins in receiving the blessings offered by the planet with little if any effort from humanity. It seems obvious that once the system is established as self-sustaining there is small need, if any, for a sector of humans to supervise what humans need to exist and prosper. No doubt there will be objections that humans will always seek innovation and I cannot necessarily presume that mechanics can always supply that requirement. But in the last few years systems have been devised to outwit even the best of humans in the most abstract areas so it is problematical as to what may occur.

To return to my original curiosity as to how or why I should function within this entire endeavour I remain mystified. Obviously, I shall not live long enough to see whatever endpoint is reached and I shall have to settle for that, whatever its value. I have lived long enough to be well aware that every few year’s understandings and events have occurred totally unexpected and rather surreal. No doubt they will continue.

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