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While Passing By a Church Near My Home While Passing By a Church Near My Home
by George Cassidy Payne
2019-07-10 09:06:02
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churc01_400I think about how the hive mind
knows how to act in one direction,
with one will and one purpose.

Chanting with all those lungs,
a thin transparent tissue of light rays
 through the diaphragm,

Just as Ayutthaya tests it with dreams,
 those unconscious proofs of heaven framed
the aperture only. Your saint, the one who you
follow with a deep personal love, like that
mahogany piano in the dining room.

I think about those millivolts of devotion
 passed on as memes. Illusions in the windows.
Morrocon wars and dynastic marriages;
another white-bearded living encyclopedia
on your desk reading from the Qumran scrolls-
from animal skins, trying to match up the pieces
of a silent requiem for a different age.


George Cassidy Payne is an essayist, poet, social worker, and adjunct professor at SUNY Finger Lakes Community College in Upstate New York.

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