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Cosmic Ray Cosmic Ray
by David Sparenberg
2021-08-07 08:56:12
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Standing in the Open
cosmic01_400_01heart-mind, the expansive plexus
of all dimensions:
standing in the Cosmic Way;
standing in the cosmic ray, energy
vibrations (open to interpretations),
comes like ocean, igniting
candles of nerves, arousing
narrative responses in the visionary soul.

In the field…Nexus!

If there is suffering
(and somewhere there always is; pain
being intimate with existence) suffering
breaks out of isolation and is felt.

If trouble is approaching (and
trouble approaches some, somewhere
always) the approach
is known in empathy.

In the natural flow of ecstasy
the shaman
(a figure in humanity’s forever)
is ecstatic – plugged in,
switched on to the pathos of life
on Earth, connected by calling
to the passion of creation.


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