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The Spilling of the Milk of Human Kindness Upon the Trumpian Regime The Spilling of the Milk of Human Kindness Upon the Trumpian Regime
by Leah Sellers
2019-07-07 09:15:56
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It is very hard, dangerous even, depending upon how things end up, but it must be admitted to that the Trumpian-Regime-Democracy-Gobbling- Machine has been, and is, a Good Lesson for a Democracy gone Lazy and Complacent.

This Fourth of July, which is focused upon the Twisted Ego of an Autocratic King and his Monarchical Family, Cronies, Cohorts and Lackeys, is an apt, Military Show-Of-Force-Horror-Show of Dictatorship run amuck WithIn the yawning and fawning Land and Home of the Not- quite-so-Free and the Not-quite-so-Brave.
While many Americans gather and party around Backyard Barbeques or Hot Dog Delights, We the People have Chosen to Allow the Caging of the already Suffering, Oppressed, Regressed, Suppressed, and out-and-out Down and Out ’Immi-grunts”.

trupara01_400Folks hailing themselves as Christians are hollering with MAGA excitement and vigor to “Feed those Immi-grunts to the Lions, Tigers and Bears - oh my. Send them to the Sweet By-and-Bye-Bye !

Yes, these fine, upstanding Christians want America the Beautiful to make the already Suffering, Helpless and Hopeless Immi-grunts even more Helpless and Hopeless and force them to Suffer ever more.

Separate the Children from their Parents, because the Parents had no Right to run away from Corrupt and Thieving Governments or Gang Lords and their Raping and Killing Gangland cogs-and wheels of Power through Violence and Fear or Corrupted Soil due to Drought !

How dare the Immi-grunts run away to the Golden Promised Land and Economy of America the Beautiful ! How dare they Immi-grunt Our way ?!

These fine Christian folk, who praise the Lord, Jesus Christ each and every week at the Churches they worship and Sing Praise Hymns within, insist that the Immi-grunts be Caged and drink from the backs of toilets when thirsty. They will not be allowed to partake of Christ’s Communion’s grape juice and crackers or the Milk of Human Kindness.

They will not be able to shower or take frequent sink baths or eat decent food or sleep on comfortable mattresses or be covered by grandma’s quilt or be treated with Common Decency or Humanity, because the Immi-grunts must be taught a Lesson. A Lesson of further and deeper forms of Suffering, Pain, DeGradation and Fear ! Do you Hear ?!

And why is that ?

Because the Trumpian-Regime-Democracy-and-Soul-Gobbling-Machine is using the Immi-grunts as Walled Up Scapegoats for the uneasy Fears and Sufferings, Rumblings and Grumblings of its moaning, groaning and grunting American Citizens ! That’s why !

Everyone is thinking, “How in the World can we Help all of those Others, when we can’t even Help OurSelves ? We must Protect OurSelves and Protect what We Have ! Threats are Everywhere !

The Immi-grunts are putting us in touch with our Fears, Sufferings, Helplessness and Hopelessness ! They must be Punished and Punched !

Unless of course you are the lucky Few Profiting off of the Fears, Sufferings, Helplessness and Hopelessness of the UnFortunate Many. UnFortunate, because it has Systemically been rigged to be that way !

Like creating an Economic System so Out-of-Balance that nothing can be paid for unless you have an Insurance Policy that you’re having to pay into in order to pay for what’s needed or what might happen to you at sometime in the future, because the BoogeyMan lies in wait around every corner. Just ask the Corrupt Rigged Systems, the Gang Lords and their Gangs, the whims of Humanity’s Climate Changing Climate Change ! Just ask whatever is making you Suffer or feel Helpless or Hopeless ! Just ask whatever or whomever is about to Rape or Murder you !

Folks, we are Caging All of OurSelves within these ancient and repetitive corrosive and corrupting Mis-Thoughts, Mis-Deeds and Mis-Takes !

Christ told the World this in many different Ways. That’s why the Culture of His time Murdered His Body. But His Wonderful, Redemptive and Resurrectional Ideas live on (if We are actually Listening to them and Acting upon them) !

Just as the Wonderful Water-like Ideas of America’s Constitution and Bill of Rights Do and Will as long as We the People Actively Pursue, Enact and EmBody (Mind, Heart and Soul) them !

Our wondrous Home, Planet Earth, has always used her Water Energies to Heal and Transform HerSelf. Perhaps, We the People should as well, because the Milk of Human Kindness is WaterBased, after all…..

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