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The return of the corrupted The return of the corrupted
by Thanos Kalamidas
2019-07-06 08:02:59
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In 2015, Greeks welcomed the first ever left-wing government in the country and the end of a series of corrupted regimes that led the state into the catastrophic 2009 economic crisis. Four years later the very same Greeks are ready to hand the country back to the very same parties that bankrupted the country and to the very same corrupted politicians.

The last few weeks all surveys show New Democracy, the once Greek center-right party, returning to power all dominant, all revisionist but the same corrupted. Τhe signs are there, loud and clear and all during this long campaign period. From the candidate who promises to fire all civil servants hired from the left-wing government to another one who wants to see exile camps from the dictatorship era reopening.

mitsot001_400A party with a candidate who promised …two kilos of meat for each vote he takes while another one already hires people in the ministry, Kyriakos Mitsotakis the party leader, has promised to him. And that is just the peak of the iceberg since there are strong rumours for money exchange between candidates and voters.

All that while New Democracy is literally bankrupt with over 210m € debt to banks, spends millions in promotion and advertisement rising questions on where the money come from and with what exchange. Connections between the party leadership and the money oligarchs are not a secret, after all one of these oligarchs already under investigation for several crimes (including drugs trafficking) pays the rent for the party’s headquarters.

The party that was founded over center-right principals has betrayed its founder, Konstantinos Karamanlis, and eventually transformed into a nationalistic, xenophobic, far-right populist party with fascist elements, carrying a lot of Trumpist venality. The big transformation happened while leader of the party was Antonis Samaras, a far-right nationalist and one of the most corrupted prime ministers in modern Greek history who ruled the country in the peak of the financial crisis (2012-2015). While poverty was reaching over 3 million people and unemployment was up to 29%, Samaras was having breakfast with his banker friends making sure that national banks merged profitably for certain some and national land was sold all in benefit of his oligarch friends.

While IMF and EU were forcing economic measures, Mr Samaras made sure that anti-labour laws passed and elements of the welfare state moved privately, gratitude to his breakfast friends. During his time the health and the education system totally destroyed while some profited including ministers and perhaps Mr. Samaras himself, according to the FBI’s report on the international Novartis bribery scandal. One of the major suspects for the Novartis scandal is Mr. Adonis Georgiadis, today vice-president of New Democracy. A man with dark past in populism, racism, antisemitism and fascism.

Since January 16, 2016, president of New Democracy and hopeful prime minister is Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis. Offspring of a political family, the name Mitsotakis is synonym to nepotism and corruption in Greece. Kyriakos served as minister in the Ministry of Administrative Reform during Mr. Samaras era and his only ministerial achievement has been thousands of lay-offs, including the cleaning ladies in his ministry. His bio includes his involvement in the Siemens Greek bribery scandal and the fact that his wife has a lot of offshore deals and she was included in the Panama papers money laundry scandal. This is the man who will save Greece from the …left menace.

New Democracy has already announced what is coming with a program which could be summarized in one and only one word: privatization. Private health system, private education will be just the beginning.

In reference to Mr Samaras and while seeing the total destruction of the Greek people, an EU official said in 2015: we put the wolf to protect the sheep. The wolf returns and his name is Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

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