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Body And Soul Body And Soul
by Saloni Kaul
2019-07-05 09:10:42
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soul01_400As some primeval matted forest, skeleton so bony,
All silence calm until it with life seethes ,
That comes about as though a gust of power stony
Wand-waves, stirs things and lets the kingdom in there breathe ;
A book in print the words deftly constructed by
Author, entire reams prepared like good facial bone structure
Turns all alive with the attentive eye
That blows a breath through that pretty picture ;
If bone be that base of the visible
In all its clear beauty thus manifest
Then it is only sheer breath indivisible
That would grant plenitude and promise best.
Flesh-bone may well reach stages of stretching perfection’s girth,
It’s only breath that can result in birth.

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