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Lady of Cork Lady of Cork
by David Sparenberg
2019-06-30 10:05:06
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I have a friend in Ireland.  Her name is Ursula.  She is fair of face, with magnetic eyes, easy to dance, and a sensual mouth.  Privately I refer to her as the Lady of Cork. It is she who introduced me to the phrase of promise, “Time of the firebirds rising.” 

There is a recent photography of my friend, a crack of sunlight pouring in through a background window, washing over some kitchen plants.  What is striking about the photo however is the scattering of light orbs or luminous balloons visible before Ursula’s face and torso.  These small rounds of light are orange and yellow—airborne translucent circle of tinted mystery!  What secret nests inside?  By what power do the visitors make themselves visible?

As I look, it comes to mind that these light weigh anomalies could be of the faery folk, traveling in miniature mode, paying a friendly call on a kindred soul.  I am told there was much talk on that twilight of the faery realm and the gifted people, and of the old ways.

Since my friend and I are separated by both a continent and an ocean; she on an island, myself on the far rim of the western world; I type a question, asking her, “How are you?  Ursula replies, “I am an Irish woman.  I am 20 years longer in Cork than originally planned.” 

Silence follows and I imagine seeing Ursula with her head tilted slightly to one side, pondering what next.  Then she adds: “Where else would I be?  Cork is my home.  My bones are as much Ireland as the air I breathe. My pulse and the River Lee share the same ancient song.”







by David Sparenberg


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