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A fantasy play on the Iran deal A fantasy play on the Iran deal
by Joseph Gatt
2019-06-22 09:16:13
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iran01_400_02Israel: Iran is threatening to destroy us with nuclear weapons.

The United States: Yes, Iran is threatening to destabilize the entire region.

Russia: As far as rogue states come, Iran sure is a rogue state.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE: Iranians are our Muslim brothers. Muslim people are good people. Iranians are good people.

2015. Iran deal reached. Iranian sanctions lifted. Oil prices collapse

Israel: that's a terrible deal. Iran will use the money it gets to resume its nuclear program

The US: just wait and see.

Russia: gas and oil prices collapse. That's not good for us.

Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, OPEC countries: bring back the sanctions on Iran before we starve!


Israel: Iran is threatening nuclear war!

The United States: OK we'll scrap the deal.

OPEC countries: can't wait until sanctions come back on Iran so our oil prices go back up. People are threatening revolutions and to depose our kings because we have no more oil money.

Qatar: We have Iran on our nose. If we go to war with Iran we'll be the first country hit. Iranians can't be that bad.

Israel: what about Iran's policy meddling and entrenchment in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, threats of terrorism and all that.

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