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Iran's divide and conquer strategies Iran's divide and conquer strategies
by Joseph Gatt
2019-06-17 07:20:20
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Iran finances ISIS and the Iraqi government in Iraq. Divide, and conquer.

Iran finances ISIS and the Syrian government in Syria. Divide, and conquer.

Iran finances Houthi rebels and pro-government forces in Yemen. Divide, and conquer.

Iran finances radical left-wing, radical-right wing and Islamist groups in Europe and North America. Divide, and conquer.

iran01_400_03That is Iran has been trying, over the last couple of decades, to finance opposing and divisive forces, with the end goal of sending their revolutionary guards to restore order.

It all started when the Bush administration was keen on promoting democracy overseas and labeled Iran as a rogue state. Iran then started training and financing any force that could threaten the social democratic order in Europe or the consensus in the Middle East.

Iran's end game? They want to make the rules when it comes to international trade, cultural norms and revolutionary values.

Iran has supporters among those who claim that Israel is a rogue state as well and that it's only fair that Iran gets to play by the same rules that Israel plays with.

It doesn't help when Israel is labeled as a colonial project, that Israel and the Jews allegedly use divide and conquer tactics around the world and that Jews rig international trade and business rules in their favor among other false stereotypes.

Problem is, for Europe and North America, intervening in Yemen, Syria and Iraq is expensive. As Europeans and North Americans are trying to balance their budgets and take restrained action in the Middle East, you have Iran where leaders don't care about feeding the population and don't mind using cash to fund colonial projects in the Middle East.

Will there be a war with Iran? Two possibilities. Iran could be presented with the facts, and in Islamic fashion, agree to disarming and reconcile with the Middle East and the rest of the world. Or Iran could be tempted to start a war, but Iran would really be fighting the rest of the world if it did.

Iran understands that very few nations, few governments, and few organizations support their long-term goals. But Iran is also paranoid about unprovoked attacks, or attacks against Iran related to proxy wars, and wants nuclear weapons for defense purposes.

In sum Iran wanted influence in the region and really thought that divide and conquer tactics could play out. Iran also thought they would have the Middle East on their side, and tended to believe that a billion Muslims could not be defeated by “a handful of Jews.” But what started off as a handful of Jews ended up being the rest of the world.

But eventually Iran’s plans didn't work out, and what Iran is now doing is mostly improvising. Iran wants to save face and honor while still getting out of the mess they created, and will not accept a deal in which they are humiliated or clearly come out as the losers. They want a deal that clears them of the mess they created and to be honorably discharged from their mess. 

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