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by David Sparenberg
2019-06-15 08:32:47
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If good people do not stand together for goodness sake, a day will come when good people will disappear. 

If decent people do not stand to practice and protect decency, a day will come when decency will not be found. 

peace01_400Corruption is a form of plague.  It is virulent and will conscript and stain; or destroy outright the innocent and those who resist it. 

If peacemakers do not work diligently to make peace happen, war breaks out—war will continue.

The end of crime against creation is extinction.  The end of crime against humanity is genocide.  The final atrocity of genocide is called omnicide.  The criminal word “omnicide” means the deliberate annihilation of “all” life.

Since Michel Montaigne wrote the essay “On Cruelty;” (our human heart of darkness) history has witnessed a proliferation of genocides; each being neither more nor less than systematic programs of state terrorism.  If we are unaware of plans for “winnable” omnicide (as in total thermonuclear war), it is because we choose not to know what is known. To be oblivious forecast oblivion.

Speaking in this “radical” way is speaking openly, and to be at risk of telling the truth.  In a society where truth-telling is denied; where to speak the truth is a tacit or overt taboo; the soul is exiled.  Anguish, strangulation, suffocation, are common.  Minute by minute internal collapses take place.  Suicide goes promiscuously through transports and the streets.  And it is unclear how to measure the distance and the difference between oppression, by fear or prohibitions, and the torments of hell.

Those who would say otherwise to what is said here are often complicit in what is wrong and most dangerous in our conflicted, afflicted, co-inhabited, troubled world today.  Some may become angry over my words.  But how much of anger is fear turned aggressive?  Is the shadow less threatening because it is politized to occupy external space? Or is this but one more illusion of a spiritual disorder and the cumulative dysfunction of circumscribed perception?

Indifference too is communicable disease.  People constantly die from indifference.  There is only one cure—to bring change.  Speaking as I am speaking now is to go to the root of the trouble, to call communities together, and to get down to what the problem really is.  This is change that returns souls from exile.  This is change that removes the taboo and insists on undoing denials against telling the truth.  Change that invites to doing what is right because it is right to do so.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke of it always being the right time to do what is right.  He also warned against the moral collapse of nations that hide from themselves their moral responsibility.  Should I not speak more radically and say here: We hide from our moral calling?


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