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Mommy's Rule of Law Breaker Mommy's Rule of Law Breaker
by Leah Sellers
2019-06-13 09:16:06
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“No, Mommy ! You can not Punish me !”

“What, did you just say to me, Young Man ?”

“President Trump never gets Punished for doing Bad Things.”


“I have been listenin’ to FOX News with you and Daddy, and I have been readin’ things on my phone. I’m not always playin’ Misho Monsters. But the News talks about real life Misho Monsters who do not Obey somethin’ called the Rule of Law.”

trucari01_400“Mommy, in our House, you and daddy are the Rule of Law. I understand that. President Trump and his Friends are the Rule of Law, and they don’t even Obey their own Rules of Law. So, why should I ?”

“Mommy, you can not Punish me. I want to be like America’s President. I do not want to Obey you and Daddy’s Rule of Law. I will Cheat at cards, and Lie about feeding Scruffy, and Shoot the Mail Man with my Sling Shot any time I like. Just like President Trump and his Friends, Mr. Bear, Mr. MacCan, Miss Doo-Hickey, Mr. Smoo-noo-chin, and Mr. Baldy.”

“They don’t, so I won’t !”

“Young Man, I am not those Mis-creants. I am your Mother, and this is Our Home,” ten year old Ronny’s Mom said flatly. “Your Sling Shot is permanently revoked ! You will not see your Phone or the play-like or real-life Moshi Monsters for a whole year from this day forward. I’ll mark the date on our refrigerator door calendar so no one’s memory slips regarding that fact. Now, go to your room, and think long and hard about your Apology to me.”

“No, Mommy. Real Men do not Apologize, and I am a Rule of the Law Breaker just like the grown-ups in the White House who Lie and Cheat for President Trump all of the time. And President Trump is Bigger than you, and he’s on my side, because I am on his side !”

“Young Man, you have a Choice. Walk to your room this very minute or be swatted on your bottom all the way to your room. But one way or the other you will Obey your Mother’s Rule of Law,” Ronny’s Mother said emphatically.

Ronny immediately turned tail and ran out of the Kitchen, and down the hallway to his bedroom.

“I’m gonna’ tell President Trump on you, Mom !” Ronny shouted down the hallway from the open doorway of his room.

“That’s fine with me, Young Man. I’ll give you pen and paper, and you can write America’s Presidential Role Model a letter, and tell him whatever you like. But keep it short. I understand that his attention span is mighty sparse. Just like my patience is with you at this very moment in time.”

“I’m gonna’ tell President Trump how mean your Rule of Law is. I can Shoot anybody with my Sling Shot that I want to for as long as I want to, because it is my Secondary Commandment Right. And he’ll agree with me !”

“That’s Second Amendment Right, Young Man. I have a book on the Constitution in your Daddy’s Study. I’m going to get it right now for you to read while you’re in Time Out,” Ronny’s Mother said as she walked down the hallway with pen and paper. She handed the letter writing materials to her wayward Son.

“I’m closing the door now, but I‘ll be right back with that book on the Constitution, and I will be grilling you on it after dinner.”

“Yes Ma’am. And I’m tellin’ Daddy, too. He Voted for President Trump. He’ll be on my side, too !”

“We’ll see about that, Young Man,” Ronny’s Mother said as she quietly shut the door to her Rule of Law Breaker’s room.

“We’ll just see about that.”


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