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Triveni Triveni
by Saloni Kaul
2019-06-10 08:48:01
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From Siva’s locks down brow or  Vishnu’s toe,
At Gomukhi* from towering Himalayan peaks,
(*Cow’s Mouth Cave)
Translucent green Gangotri springs, down to plains it goes
In seven sacred streams to sea in hundred mouths' beaks.
Some thirty miles as bird flies, Yamuna has its source,
Traverses Krishna’s ground, sites true like pilgrims’ glue ;
There right below old fort walls, far from banyan’s, pillar’s force ,
Today it moves half a mile wide, slow deep immensely blue.
Invisible to all somewhere beneath the two
Once purifying fertile Aryan settlements
Runs whimsically a third on to Triveni* too,
(*confluence of three)
This mythic third that bears all Saraswati’s endowments.
Prose Poetry blend like a job well done
Because mysterious essences beneath support the one.



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