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"I know"
by Bohdan Yuri
2007-07-18 09:53:02
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i know...

i know
they’re watching me
as i head
towards the door

they’re all waiting,
for me to
get on the bus

they’re probably mad
since i am
walking so slow

they’re also able
to see that
i use crutches

they’re wondering
how will i
climb aboard

they’re no doubt amazed
that my arms
can be so strong

they’re thinking now
as i’m leaning
in the aisle of a full bus

their eyes are wishing
that i would just

from sight
from mind

that i just
wasn’t here
at all

and i still wonder
how much longer till
there’s a cure

i know

...i’ve seen it all before
and it’s always the same.

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Paparella2007-07-18 13:10:06
That insightful quote by Mallarmè on the cover is nothing short of genial in hinting at the place where the poetical gets its power: silence. It is similar to the insight of Ivan Illich in his book Tools of Conviviality where in the context of intercultural communication he suggests that the reason why we ought to learn foreign languages is that we may learn to listen to the particular silences in their background. Which is to say, one needs to be more ready to listen than to talk, for indeed a language is the repository of the cultural soul of a people. Without careful listening no authentic dialogue (based on communion more than communication) will ever ensue. There will be only listening to one's own echo.

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