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Trump's colonization plans for UK Trump's colonization plans for UK
by Thanos Kalamidas
2019-06-07 07:57:44
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Despite the very nasty comments on London’s mayor and the American addition to the royal family, Donald Trump’s visit to UK this week had a certain feeling of “normality” -for a Trump state visit and according to his past behaviour with any other state visits.

However, normality ended in the surface and the photo-ups with the royals because it took only two instants to realize that there was an agenda in this visit and it actually had absolutely nothing to do with remembrance, D-Day or international diplomacy. It was all about money.

trumbrit001_400Donald Trump was in Europe wearing his favourite hat, this one of the salesman, representative of big corporations, in this case preferably insurance companies. His later denied hint for an American interest on NHS, the British National Health Service, was anything than accidental and 67 million “customers” will make a big bang for the US economy and 2020 presidential elections with the later the favourite for Donald. That also answers Trump’s pushing to start trade-deal talks even if – according to his poor knowledge in UK and in general European politics - that means that Theresa May will somehow remain in her position. His words.

NHS is the jewel of national services and welfare state in UK, but also a goldmine for any privateer with an eye in health services. However, giving access to this national treasure to a private company constructed and abide foreign laws often contradicting national laws, is …what’s the word …let me see …colonization! A historic irony for the old mighty British Empire.

And just like any other – especially the British Empire – the best time to colonize is when the “victim” is disoriented, divided and on its weakest.

It doesn’t matter anymore if Brexit actual works, it doesn’t matter if Britain will leave the European Union with or without a deal; the damage infected on the UK for the years to come is serious, is bad, is horrifying. And it is affecting the country politically, economically and definitely socially. Especially socially where blind division has blindly reached all levels of the society.

Donald Trump is pressing a lot on the subject promising a “fair” deal but how Trump’s administration understand fair in deals you might ask Canada. Canada was rather reserved in any critic over the US-Canada-Mexico trade deal but they were also relieved with the fact that before that they had fulfilled a good and profitable for both sides, trade deal with the European Union. Canada’s agreement with USA was a well calculated diplomatic move, mainly motivated from politics and in balance with the EU deal.

Britain in a case of no-deal Brexit comes out without safe-net looking desperately for help. And help will come. Not as investment but in the form of genetically modified food, something US tries to sell in Europe for years and EU health restrictions stop, automobiles, weapons, army supplies, space research – an industry that thrived for decades thanks to EU cooperation – and finally the crown jewel, the British National Health Service. Hospitals, doctors, personnel, pharmacies all in the service of the American insurance industry!

I suppose that how Farage and Boris understand independence after Brexit, from the controlling Brussels straight in the arms of authoritarian and colonizing Washington.

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