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Strategist & Protagonist Strategist & Protagonist
by Saloni Kaul
2019-06-03 08:14:11
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While crossing the Yamuna stormy that grows turbulent,
He combats river that takes its own stubborn stand ;
Straw basket Babe dangles from hand like tapped talent,
To be delivered from cursed danger into safest hands.
Babe placed on hips , battle of wits for strategist ;
With mind of its own by a foot rose river wild!
Cue-heeding, next on shoulder went protagonist ,
Scarce caring for himself , he grappled with fate to save child.
Higher-than-waters Babe he wading placed till on his head.
This time the child who knew Truth sensed tide of events,
--Waters in haste beat their deft slick adroit-as-marksman tread--
Stretched till bathed his feet wee the rising currents.
The babe was Krishna ; contact gained was for the record !
Mission accomplished, River subsided of own accord.
Treat troubles as but bush and bramble we brush by ,
They near, as fans for handshake; touch our space like shortterm sigh.  


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