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Nocturnal Serenade Nocturnal Serenade
by Nikos Laios
2019-06-04 07:53:47
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Their tears fell
On the pavement
Mingling with music
Sprouting seeds;
The trumpet like honey,
The saxophone like
Silk flowing through
The night,a nocturnal

nocturnal_serenade_400They reclined
And dined to the
Hissing needle of
A record player with the
Blinds gently flapping
In the cool of the night.

Pour a martini,
Relax, and sail into the
Smooth elegance
Of a long lost era.

Loosen the collar,
Let your soul ooze
Out through the window
Amongst the flickering
Lights of the urban jungle
To the smooth sounds
Of the giants of jazz.

Floating like a lone balloon;
My soul stretched taut
Between Jupiter and Mars,
Can you see me floating
Among the stars?

The soft mellow
Muffled beats
Lifting them into
The velvet night;
The slender bonds
Of mortality slipping
For this one night.

As the moon glowed
Like an oyster shell;
The half closed luminous
Eyelid of some goddess.

The world sleeps
Tonight,how I live for this
Silent communion with the
Galaxy and the Cosmos.

Serenity mingling
With music sprouting seeds;
The trumpet thick like honey,
The saxophone like silk,
A nocturnal serenade.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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