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"Working the Streets"
by Bohdan Yuri
2007-06-25 07:47:55
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There’s a corner of a lonesome square
Where forlorn hearts can't be repaired
And the ladies flow on high heeled hopes
With hard promises for sale.
In a runaway’s dream passion’s unreal
When she’s working the streets.

A spotlight cigarette in her anxious hand
Marks lost time wherever she stands.
A dime store bag on her weary shoulder
Stores the vanquished memories.
In her menu of wares one pays even to stare
When she’s working the streets.

She can pick apart any crooked line
On a lonely man’s cruising mile.
"Hey Baby, want some company?
Show me how, you want to shout.
I can bare my soul with a dollar to start,
I can give you treats that are oh so sweet."

So with a painted smile on her broken heart
And a floral bed glazed in her reflection
She keeps her tearful soul under control
It’s just a job, don’t you see.
And there’s no need for love’s cruel misery
When she’s working the streets

She just needs to have some company
When she’s working the streets.

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 (comments policy)

Paparella2007-06-24 14:15:15
I love that quote by Shelley on the front page: Poetry is a mirror which makes beautiful what is distorted."

Indeed, the poetical even makes beatiful that which is terrible and ugly. Take for example Theodore Gericault's "The Raft of the Medusa," which is an actual tragic event. As I tell my Humanities' students when I try to convey to them what the poetic is all about: art is like an alchemist, it takes the even the sordid in life and makes it beautiful; not acceptable, not necessarily true but beautiful and therefore easier to contemplate its sheer necessity. Keats said that in his Ode to a Graecian Urn that truth is beauty and beauty is truth and that is all ye need to know on earth. Plato would not completely agree with that statement but then Plato was no poet and if he was he always subsumed the poetical under the philosophical. I'll take Gericault's terrible beauty any time.

Sand2007-06-24 16:10:14
Believe those who are seeking the truth, doubt those who find it.
Andre Gide

Paparella2007-06-24 19:07:34
All philosophies contain axioms, even the most materialistic and logic-based ones assume the existence of a rational universe. There is no way to construct a belief system without axioms and so I do not believe that a final and absolute definition of truth will ever be formed. It is interesting however that the matter continues to give so much thought to intellectuals throughout the world. We must be idealistic by nature...

--Michal Karzynski

(Conclusion to his essay "Changes in the Concept of 'truth'"

Sand2007-06-24 19:20:27
I see you are grinding your axioms. Unfortunately it seems you have not yet attained a decent edge.

Paparella2007-06-24 19:32:34
Once again the intellectual indtimidator places words and ideas (those of Karsinsky)into the mouth of the postman delivering the message. If one does not like the message attack the postman delivering it. Not very rational but what the ek, any means are good to justify one axioms, or axes as the case may be. Not very rational but don't tell that to a rationalist of you may get intimidated too.

Sand2007-06-24 19:59:28
You feel intimidated. Relax. The worst is over. You were skewered some time ago.

Paparella2007-06-24 20:36:08
Forget the postman; forget your skewed intellectual stratagems,look at the message. It is certainly more rational to do so.

Sand2007-06-24 20:42:35
Define a rational universe

Paparella2007-06-24 23:14:39
Why don't you contact Karzinsky who wrote the message rather than asking the postman delivering the message? Do you customarily interrogate the postman delivering you a letter about the content of the letter. If so, it may a hidden unfortunate psychosis still undetected...to use one of your own epithets.

Sand2007-06-24 23:35:32
Stop ducking the issue, Paparella. Either give me a direct answer to my question or indicate you have no idea what a rational universe might consist of. Frankly, I doubt you know.

Paparella2007-06-25 04:28:49
The "enlighten" rationalist is always sure of his smug certitudes, iron clad obsolutes, political correctness, a priori assummptions and presuppositions, scientific cliches, cavalier claims to an enlightened stance, his egregious self-compacency based on ignorance of humanistic disciplines, egotistical narcisism, but the fragility of that house of cards his stance is usually betrayed but his terror for even considering the entertainment of other worlds and opinions, by his rudeness and inability to disagree without being disagreable, and most of all by his disrespect for others' humanity which ultimately is a misunderstanding and disrespect for his own humanity. One can expect as night follows day that this statement will also be fiercely responded to. A rationalist is alwyas playing chess and having the last word is vital for him, even it is a lot of hot gas; for he has a reputation to maintain as the fiercest intellectual bully on the block who can well give it, albeit unable to take it. He has grossly misunderstoo Bacon's dictum that knowledge is power.

Sand2007-06-25 05:44:25
Since your standard ploy in avoiding a simple answer to my question is a barrage of over wordy insults I am confirmed that you have no answer. I think I can leave it at that. You can fulminate in solitude from now on.

by2007-06-25 06:43:38
boys will be boys............

Paparella2007-06-25 07:22:38
We have an audience Sand. Let the chess game jousting game continue. You being a proclaimed man who has left boysh thing behind a long time ago,need to be careful however that you do not appear a bully to the fair enchanted lady or the noble mesmerized gentleman as the case may be. Or she/he may simply think of our "discussion" some sort of circus act, masks and red noses and all.

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