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Marshall M. Peach Mint Is 'A Comin'! Marshall M. Peach Mint Is 'A Comin'!
by Leah Sellers
2019-05-29 06:55:04
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trumpa01Unfortunately, the United States cannot be Trusted or Counted On by AnyOne AnyWhere in the Nation or on the Face of God’s Green Earth at this point in Time, unless they are a Call Girl, a Bully-Boy Dictator, and/or a cruelly controlling plain ’ole vanilla Autocrat, a Presidentially Pardoned Wayward War Criminal escaping the truly heinous and amoral murderous slaughter of Innocent Civilians or Prisoners in their deadly unreliable custody, a Murderer of Journalists, a Mark the President’s ready to pounce on or possibly a Member of his Family because they are the Bearers of his genes and reflective Beacons of his Darkly Troubled and Troublesomely Troubling Idy-Ego !

EveryOne and EveryThing else is Something to be Toyed with, to be manipulatively Broken and Bartered, Break your Word or Oath to, falsely Prodded and Cajoled, Bought and Sold, and Predatorially, Greedily, Needily gobbled up and hastily Chewed and Spewed !

Hang onto your bonnets, MAGA Caps and Hairpieces folks, because we’re All in for a long Rickety-Split Ride !

What ?! What’s that in the distant Horizon Riding a White Steed, and wearing a grand spanking, bright and sparkly Star ?! Why, it’s Marshall M. Peach Mint ! Law and Order spurs ’a janglin’ and Constitutionally ’a clangin’ like an ’ole cracked Liberty Bell !

“M. Peach Mint is ’a comin’ ! M. Peach Mint is ’a comin’ !"

Now, that’s SomeThing to shout out about and Revere !


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