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Euro-schizophrenia Euro-schizophrenia
by Thanos Kalamidas
2019-05-28 09:23:40
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There was a strange feeling in the evening of the May 26th, and while counting the results of the euro-elections all around the EI member states, all summarized with the words: the euro-skeptics didn’t win. But this is not exactly the …truth is it?

eur001_400The Greek Nazi party is back adjoined with a fascist party from Greece; Le Pen is there stronger than ever and the Hungarian Viktor Orbán is back with the Fidesz fascist party and 55% of his compatriots while Matteo Salvini had a victory party in Rome.

In Sweden the far right came third and of course Farage took euro-elections in UK by storm demanding now not only place in the negotiations but the Queen’s throne and jewelry if possible.

The far right definitely didn’t triumph but they won. They are now in the center of the decision making for tomorrows elope and they are going to decide even for our democracies. Parties and people who want to dismantle Europe and hate democracy.

And all that while conservatives and center-right in Europe has turned more and more to its far right. Politicians from parties that supposedly represented a moderate right close to center have express xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic even authoritarian opinions the last few years and never forget that Viktor Orbán was until a few weeks ago still part of the European …center right.

The summary of Nazis, fascists and crypto-Nazi and crypto-fascist in Europe is winning and there is a very dark cloud over the continent that ones preached tolerance and democracy!

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