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"this bottle of mine"
by Bohdan Yuri
2007-06-13 10:13:45
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off the street that’s set too far,
there’s a dark lit alley bar
that hasn’t got a name.
its a seedy back room dream
where needy lovers survive
the carousel of pain.

it’s an easy bribe
near the dark side of despair.
all those mischanced years
nagged inside your reasons
and all the rules had changed,
it was never very fair.

so in comes sin with a bottle of gin
and says, "it’s all too clear out there.
all you need is a friend like me
to erase your misery.
there’s a full measure of cheer inside
so let’s share this bottle of mine.

why even bother
with a brand new start
it’ll just tear you apart.
so give your soul to me
like it wasn’t even there,
it’s just an empty heart.

let’s just keep sliding on our great ride,
we were meant to never part.
all you need is a friend like me
to keep you company.
there’s still a lot that’s left inside
so let’s drink this bottle of mine."

the morning sun formed
a shadow’s ray of hope.
and a promise,

you’ve traveled this far
in a grey circle of fog;
this time it won’t be a tease
for a brand new start.

but first you’ll need to see,
near that street of broken dreams,
your best and dear old friend.
who kept you company.
it’s a skipping record scene
from the very first part,
just one more round apiece.

“there’s just one drop still left inside
so let’s empty this bottle of mine.
all it takes is just one drop
to empty this bottle of mine.
one more drop and then we’ll stop
let’s just empty this bottle of mine.”

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Paparella2007-06-13 13:32:26
Charles Baudelaire quoted on the cover also wrote:

"Be drunk, be drunk all the time, whether with wine, or with poetry or with spirit."

That is a thought which an Aristotle would have readily understood since he fully grasped that Man is a composite of matter, reason and spirit encompassed by imagination or the poetical. To many today soul means what is under one's shoes and spirit is only understood in the plural. So all we are left with is the wine minus the poetry and the soul as we wander aimlessly in the stupor of our daily prose filled with banalities and trivialities galore. We are clever by half!

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