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35 artists 70 works, in Stockholm untill the 1st June 2019 35 artists 70 works, in Stockholm untill the 1st June 2019
by Thanos Kalamidas
2019-05-23 08:30:47
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If you live in Stockholm Sweden or even if you visit the nymph of Scandinavia between the 20th of May and 1st of June don't miss EU-MAN’s art exhibition in Hallunda Folkets Hus.

Stockholm is a world known city of tolerance and acceptance and the Scandinavian centre of artistic expression, the perfect place for the European Union Migrant Artists’ Network (EU-MAN) to present the biggest gathering of immigrant and guest artists in its history. 35 artists, most immigrants living in Europe adjoined with a number of fellow artists from Egypt, Morocco, Palestine, Kuwait and Iraq.

echibit02_400A celebration of colours and techniques balancing from the desert starfull nights to the Scandinavian gothic winters. 35 artists, over 70 works.

Behind this artistic marvel is one man, Amir Khatib. An artist and immigrant from Iraq who 22 years ago while looking for his place in the artistic mainstream of his host country, Finland, founded an organization that could unite and empower immigrant artists from all around Europe. EU-MAN was the first European Cultural Network found and established in Finland and despite all the constant obstacles (mostly from a hostile state) thrives and evolutes year after year.

Amir Khatib’s love and dedication to art and artists, has given a series of exhibitions all around Europe, from London to Helsinki, participation in art workshops in Finland, Turkey and Egypt and the establishment of a permanent exhibition place (EU-MAN gallery) in Helsinki Finland.

On top of that and under Mr Khatib’s supervision, the organization publishes the magazine Universal Colours, promoting art and artists, always introducing the work of artists partipicipating in EU-MAN.You can download all the issues of the magazine HERE!

The Stockholm 2019 exhibition is the second for the group for this year and the participants alphabetically are: Abuzeid Amal (Egypt) - Naima Acherkouk (Egypt) - Saad Al Falahi (Iraq) - Eman Anees (Egypt) - Nermin Askar (Egypt) - Fadwa Attia (Egypt) - Ronak Azeez  (Iraq) - Alyaa Aziz (Iraq) - Seamus Brogan (Irland) - Fadia Coeuru (Egypt) - Sameer Dheyaa (Iraq) - Shadia Elkoshairy (Egypt) - Ibrahim El Fichawy (Egypt) - Noha Ghorab (Egypt) - Reem Gohar (Egypt) - Miriam Hathout (Egypt) - Elvira Heilkevich (Russia) - Maha  El  Homossy (Egypt) - Thanos  Kalamidas (Greece) - Samia Kamel (Egypt) - Amir Khatib (Iraq) - Baky Maged (Egypt) - Muhammad El Mahdy (Egypt) - Eldin Mohamed Mohey (Egypt) - Moustafa Soheir (Egypt) - Tomi Nabil (Iraq) - Mahmood Nadhum (Iraq) - Suhaila Al Najdi (Egypt) - Ali Najjar (Iraq) - Azdehar Osman (Iraq) - Sadek Nihad (Egypt) - Maha Sami (Egypt) - Bilal Al Skuti (Egypt) - Latifa Yousef (Palestine) - Heba Zohny (Egypt).

The ambassadors of Iraq and Morocco honoured the opening of the exhibition on the 20th of May while friends and art-lovers visit the place daily.

The exhibition takes place at: Hallunda Folkets Hus, Borgvägen 1 - 145 68 NORSBORG and it will be open till the 1st of June 2019.

A must see for whoever lives or visits Stockholm, these days.








You can download the full PDF catalogue of the exhibition HERE!

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