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Obstacles for peace with the Palestinians Obstacles for peace with the Palestinians
by Joseph Gatt
2019-05-22 07:42:31
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Obstacles to peace between Israelis and Palestinians, in no particular order

-Violent attacks on Israel

Car ramming, knife attacks, terrorist attacks, kite bombs, Palestinians always find a way to attack Israel, and those attacks are often not provoked. Demonstrations are often not peaceful and there is a strong will among some Palestinians to harm, hurt or kill Israelis. With a culture of hate and violence, there can be no peace with the Palestinians

palest01_400-A culture of violence

“I would rather kill a Jew and let the rat live.” That's what a lot of Palestinians say. With sayings like that, and a culture like that, there can be no peace. As long as Palestinians brag about hurting Israelis and brag about wanting to kill or hurt Israelis, there can be no peace.

-A culture of passive-aggressiveness

Violence is not always direct. There are songs dedicated to killing the Israelis, Israel is not present on many maps, television and radio programs are full of calls for the murder of Israelis. Posters display the murder of Israelis, and other posters display swords, knives and machine guns aimed at Israelis. That's not going to bring peace.

-No Jews in Palestine!

Kazakhstan doesn't have a law banning Tanzanians from visiting. Papua New Guinea doesn't have laws preventing Bolivians from visiting. So why would the Palestinians want laws preventing Jews from visiting, buying land or starting businesses in Palestine. I mean what if I'm a Jew and want to set up a grocery store or an internet company in the West Bank or Gaza. Why should I be prevented from doing so?

-The right of return

Palestinians who fled their homes in 1948 were allowed to return, but many did not want to return and live under Israeli government. There was also peer pressure preventing Palestinians from returning and living under Israeli governments. But some Palestinians did return to their homes in 1948 or 1949 to find their homes intact.

Now if the Palestinians return to their hometowns, where are they going to live? In tents? Are they going to purchase homes and live in them?

If you really want your right to return, cry about losing your hometown, you can always move to Canada, get Canadian citizenship, move to Israel, purchase a home in your hometown, get a job, struggle a little bit with immigration and there, you have your right to return.

But if a peace agreement were ever to be signed, it should include clear immigration clauses for Palestinians and Israelis, and include how a Jew can move to the West Bank of Gaza and how a Palestinian can move to Israel.

-And finally, the territories of Judea and Samaria

About 60% of the territories West Bank is deserted and has no residents. So my view on this is territories in Judea and Samaria should have a 150 year bail on them, like Hong Kong and Macau did with Portugal and the United Kingdom vis-à-vis China. That is provided there is peace for 150 years, the territories could then be returned to be administered by a Palestinian state.

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