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11 reasons for anti-Semitism's rise in France 11 reasons for anti-Semitism's rise in France
by Joseph Gatt
2019-05-15 07:36:12
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11 reasons for the rise of anti-Semitism in France, in no particular order

Elitist Jewish (and non-Jewish) public intellectuals

fren01_400If you ever watch public intellectuals give speeches, be they Jewish or not Jewish, they say nothing substantial. But they do quote a lot of authors, claim to read a lot of books, write a lot of books, and claim that anyone who does not quote a lot of authors and read a lot of books is worthless of their time and does not deserve to live on this planet.

Public intellectuals in France, including Jewish public intellectuals do three things: they write books that no one really reads, they quote a lot of authors and use a lot of figures of speech, and they complain about the stupidity of the average person.

The problem is that a lot of French people believe that such Jewish public intellectuals represent the thought of the average French Jew. That is believe that French Jews quote a lot of authors, write a lot of books, and view the average French person as worthless.


Salaries in France have stagnated over the last 20 years. And inflation has been steady over the last 20 years. Business is also slow, and the only way you can strike it rich in France is by: either winning the lottery, or by getting a job as a high-profile media figure.

In most countries the average media figure or personality makes a normal salary, something along the lines of 50 or 60 thousand dollars a year. But in France, high profile media personalities tend to produce, write and host their shows, which means they make considerably more money than the average person if their show is successful.

And the average French person believes that if you're Jewish, all you have to do is pick up your phone and call a Jewish media personality and you'll get your slot on television and get your fat paycheck. It doesn't quite work that way, but a lot of French people believe that Jews get the priority for media jobs.

A culture of privacy

The French are very private about their private life. They drop hints about their private life rather than being open and clear about it.

So when you're not sure what the person's private life looks like, you fantasize about it. So the average person believes that the Jew goes home to count his money and count his gold and count his diamonds. That's not quite how it works, but a lot of people believe that.

A political class that apologizes to the Jews (and not to other minorities)

When President Jacques Chirac apologized for the Shoah, the Algerian political class was furious. If Chirac apologizes to the Jews, he should apologize for the Algerian war of independence. Then there were West Indian French people from Martinique and Guadeloupe asking Chirac to apologize for the slave trade.

The you had all kinds of minorities digging up their past to see if Chirac could apologize for anything the French did to their minorities. And rumor has it that the French only apologize to the Jews, and to no one else.


Some French people believe that religion is really, really bad, and that the Jews, by being religious, are doing the wrong thing. That Jews should opt out of religion and join the humanist movement, because religion, they believe, opposes humanism.

A press that overreacts to hints of anti-Semitism

You can say all you want about Black or Arabs and go unpunished. But if you dare criticize the Jews or Israel, you will be banned from the media. At least that's what a lot of French people believe.

Fantasy that Jews all know each other and help each other

500,000 Jews in France don't all know each other and interact with each other. You have the ethnic Jew, whose parents are Jewish but was not raised in Jewish cultural or religious tradition. You have the cultural Jew, who was raised following Jewish culinary culture or observing the feasts, but did not grow up in a religious household. Then you have the religious Jew, who observes Jewish religion. Then you have all the subcultures and mixed Jewish cultures, the Moroccan sub-culture, the Algerian sub-culture, the Tunisian sub-culture, the Egyptian sub-culture, the Ashkenazi sub-culture, the Alsatian sub-culture, the Soviet sub-culture and all the cultures mixing together. You also have different degrees of religious observance.

Yet a lot of French people think I can just pick up the phone and call any Jew and that Jew will give me discounts on wholesale fashion items.

Fantasy that Jews are all rich and have the power to make you lose your job

The French believe that the Jews are very rich and powerful and that if they criticize the Jews they will get followed around and lose their job and get banned from getting a new job. So for some French people, anti-Semitism is not discussed, except among their close circle of friends, or by searching for all kinds of anti-Semitic literature online.

Fantasy of an Israeli army shooting defenseless Palestinians, and of censorship when it comes to criticizing the fact

The mainstream view on the Israeli conflict in France is one where an all-powerful Jewish army keeps displacing Palestinians and shooting defenseless Palestinians. And there are documentaries defending the Palestinians almost every day on French television.

Truth is, the French political class uses the conflict in Israel to prevent Communist groups from focusing on more pressing French political issues. Because radical Communist groups tend to be violent and demonstrate against the cost of living or corporatism, the French political class successfully shifted the focus to Palestine among radical Communist groups.

The Jews should be converted to Christianity or Islam

There is a religious class in France who believe Jews should believe in Jesus, in Mohammed, or both.

Jewish politicians, intellectuals and public figures are not loyal to France but to Israel

Finally, there is the belief that the Jews only have Israel in mind and don't care about what goes on in France.

In sum, as long as the intellectual elite will be citing classical Greek authors rather than trying to provide a descriptive view of social problems, the image problem that the French Jews have won't be solved. And, should I mention that a lot of French people don't really care about social trends in general and the Jews in particular.

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